Weber Master-Touch Grill Unboxing & Review

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Description- 22-inch diameter porcelain-enameled bowl and lid with a cooking area of 363 square inch
Gourmet BBQ System hinged cooking grate
Aluminized steel One-Touch cleaning system with removable, high-capacity, aluminum ash catcher
Rust-resistant aluminum damper and two glass-reinforced nylon handles with tool hooks
Assembled dimensions are 42-inch by 29.5-inch by 24-inch


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Justin Waddell says:

Great Video.
Just got a master-touch at wally world on Sunday. They had end of summer clearance prices on the Master-Touch for 99 and Original Kettle Premium for 74. I jumped on the last Master-Touch. Only cooked salmon so far, but it came out absolutely perfect and mouthwatering.

SteenSmokeHouse says:

Love my Weber Master Touch! My 5th Weber!

eLroNCka says:

Great review, I’ve been thinking get one of those. Totally I will!
Your t-shirt rules, by the way!

Mike West says:

great review, i picked a new but old mater touch today for 50 bucks, it has a brass cleaner propeller. I will also that Weber’s customer service is amazing.

Gino8451 says:

I would take that weber right back were you bought it these grills paint starts to melt off on your food with the heat they are very dangerous. I went to home depo and got me the kingsford lone star it has no paint inside. and is safe.

c63 says:

6:27 😀


I think some Weber reviews are a tad bias, although the main points are you get a good quality piece of kit with some nice innovations, Weber also have good customer service so the question is why shouldn’t you buy this product? the answer is you should, you will not go wrong with a Weber at all but there are a few faults you should know, #1 the old ash tray was a twist and drop unit the new one you have to squeeze the handle for the pins to release the tray, now this does not effect the grills ability to perform its just slightly awkward and annoying at times and also brings longevity doubts. #2 the gbs can’t be hooked up on the side because the middle will fall out, if you have to remove it it must be laying flat. #3 this is the biggest problem there is only one reason to have a built in lid thermometer and that is smoking, problem is you need Indirect cooking method with the top vent over the meat side of the grill, that leaves the thermometer directly above your fire pit creating hugely inaccurate reading, now this is solved by fitting a thermometer on the vent side but I think you will agree that is far from ideal but needs must, the long and short is If I wanted to use this for smoking 50% of the time I would probably just buy the one touch and modify it to suit my needs, if you’re grilling more then 75% of the time then this is a great BBQ grill that I would highly recommend.

Peter Jolles says:

Weber should pay you for this review. Was considering buying one this AM at Lowes… now… “where is my wallet, where are my keys?”.

Lol… thanks

Dwayne Wladyka says:

Very impressive looking product. Great review!

James H says:

Well put together, thanks bud

Necros Dragosani2 says:

Nice.  Thanks for the VERY USEFUL information… was looking at one of these this past weekend.  I think I’m sold.  🙂  Happy cooking!  Subscribed.  🙂

brandon young says:

If you control the temp with just the lower vent you’ll have better results, as far as the overly smoked taste. The top vent doesn’t let the smoke escape and may give your food that tangy smoke taste.

Melih Pekcan says:

huge chicken lol

BGT says:

Isaiah thank you for this great review, it was the deciding factor for procurement this afternoon.

jason hullihen says:

can’t beat charcoal cooking..

LarsOverland says:

This is a great video review. No annoying music – steady phase on the voice and no shouting 🙂 Informative and very professional done. The glitches in the video is a rocky thing! I really hope to see more from you 🙂 Blessings from Norway 🙂


Nice review thanks. Getting one this weekend.

jsonaut says:

Informative review, thanks man.

commissionergordan says:

Got mine today, can’t wait to fire it up tomorrow.

foley001 says:

Nice video, good information.

Rob Dog says:

Great review, thanks

zonumev says:

Isaiah, great review man. Thanks

2nuckinfuts says:

great review.. just bought one and this confirmed it’s gonna be well worth the money

Nick Cordar says:

Nice video man how many minutes on each side of chicken

joe ng says:

Was looking into buying one of these and i think i am sold. Excellent review!

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