Weber Go Anywhere Grill Review

This is a quick look at the Weber Go Anywhere Grill. I got this to use as a get up and go grill. It has not disappointed and is great for any occasion. Be a sport and help the show by ordering one here! Thanks.


Lemuel Marshall says:

Awesome dude I like the video keep up the good work

Dawitness11 says:

can it hold a slab of ribs?

Naveen S says:

Nice! You forgot to link to your recipe though.

neto me says:

good video of a proven method of cooking. Its great to grill

Dude Awesome says:

Does the legs stay sturdy for a long time?

Matt Davies says:

Please make more videos

Joanna Wallis says:

Thanks for the video. Enjoyed watching this from England – feel inspired to get one now and use over our shorter summers, which unfortunately aren’t quite as hot as yours! Cheers!

Preston Ren says:

Nice video. Especially like how you setup your portable grill so it’s ready for the next use. Thanks…I’ll start using your setup method.

Neil Shubert says:

What? Indirect heat? you put your chicken right over the charcoal. Was that a mistake?

skyterrapin says:

I took my cooking grill and cut off the end between the 4th and 5th bars. This lets you easily feed coals/wood on during an indirect long cook by lifting the small section out. Works great. It can still be used for grilling though if you need too.

cps archive says:

Weber lighter cubes, save more room

PucketyCrik says:

Thanks for the video. I’m thinking of buying a good portable charcoal grill and, so far, Weber seems to be the way to go. I’m not sure of the “Go Anywhere” grill or the portable Silver model.

Are you from the Burgh? That accent sounds real familiar. 

desertdispatch says:

Good job. I have a smokey joe but want to try this one

imthe victorr says:

pack some wood chunks instead of wood chips. They dont have to be soaked

Kimberly Bowden says:

Is it easy to set up for a first timer?

strife01104 says:

So a mini-smoker….Nice!

Jarrad Stewart says:

You could always close off the vents to extinguish the fire, and reuse the leftover charcoal mate. Nice video, Len. Thanks.

Magic-Man says:

Hey Len, great video! I was wondering if you ever had add more coal when you grill anything?

Janice Logue says:

That chicken looked great BTW!!!! 🙂

uBreakIt iRepairIt says:

Drooling like Homer Simpson right now.

Matt Davies says:

We’re the link

Chris Bro says:

you are lucky in Australia they are $129 dollars at the cheapest

Bobby Pourassad says:

Thanks man, that was very helpful. I’m gonna purchase it right now.

1DerWaschmaschine says:

We are them grills dude?!

Anime4 Mii says:

CHarcoal for the win easy fast and taste better then gas grill

Tugboat says:

If i was to use this grill on the side of the road or river etc. What’s the best way for a Complete Pack down and cool down quickly. Water the coals or bury them. Still think there should be some type of heat deflector that sits in the middle

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