The Snake Method – Charcoal Kettle Tutorial, Low and Slow Technique

The snake method is a great option for low and slow smoker cooks on your charcoal BBQ grill. This method enables your kettle grill to hold low consistent temperatures for long periods of time. If you have any questions or comments about today’s tutorial video please leave me a message below. Be sure to take a look at my many other videos on Aussie Griller, the home of YouTube barbecue and grilling recipes.

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1 charcoal kettle grill
Lump charcoal or beads
Smoking wood

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Degenskonto says:

Easy, informative and great accent. What else do you need?

Pablo Mendoza KI7DBV says:

why would you need the water to be hot? isn’t the purpose of the water to be a heat sink for keeping the temp low?

Mr. Cairo says:

Quick question, do you find the fumes ruin the meat?

Ethan M says:

Bloody typical. Read a BBQ book for reference and have been adding hot coals every hour for about 7 hours. Had difficulty regulating the temp so checked various website, but nothing mentioned this until i searched on Youtube. Wish I’d seen this much earlier! Maybe try it next time as this is the bomb! Thanks Aussie Griller

Lucas Wincote says:

I will be using this method tomorrow for my low and slow pork shoulder!.

Fiona Boyd says:


Sam Fhisher says:

I thought he gonna add snakes in grill.

MarktheHunter says:

Wondering if I can use this method with Kingsford regular briquets here in US

Nestor Martinez says:

fucking useless didn’t even show the meat at the end, fucking tease

Ian says:

the only reason he is using hot water vs. room temp or cold is so it doesn’t bring the temp off the cooker down…..

lopez138 says:

this wouldn’t work instant lite charcoal would it?

Eric Koebel says:

Any rule of thumb for adjusting snake for cooler weather cooking?

masoneffect says:

Attempting this for the first time today. So far temperature after 4 hours won’t go above 200 degrees F. Followed this and other tutorials word for word!!!???

MarktheHunter says:

Super, I’ll try this method on my next ribs

dk dk says:

Cheers mate, would be good to get a better understanding of vents, and smoke penetration.

Terry Newman says:

what size is the kettle grill you are using??

Jeff Rose says:

Just curious. Why do you prefer to adjust the temperature with the top vent? Most people prefer to use the bottom vent.

Aleksander K says:

Great and friendly tutorial!

Antonio S says:

Great video! Greetings from México. Im subscribing.

blew4200 says:

This was the best explanation ever! Better than the American ones I watched! I’m gonna try this method..wayyyy better explanation and hands on showing. Thanks mate!

Makla Bouhlel says:

What is he saying at 0:49? four…

Stuart J W says:

Thanks mate. I’ll use this method next time for a brisket.

da streets part 3 says:

where are the cooked ribs?!? how did they turn out?

Smokin Ham says:

Snake method is the best way to keep even controlled temps on a Weber. Always use that water to help stem that meat. I’ve been doing to many videos on sauces and rubs I need to do some more on the Weber and uds. Great video

Johnny Andersson says:

I’ll be amazed if this doesn’t taste like a coal miners shirt, you cannot slow cook with unburned charcoal or briquettes. They need to be fully white/grey so the only way is to add burning coal every 10-15 minutes or use a good gas grill which is way easier and in 95 times of 100 taste a lot better.

Jon Bode says:

But don’t you get the smell of the coals on the meat. don’t you have to wait till the coals ash over before you start cooking.??

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