Smoked brisket and chicken on my barrel grill! 4th of July

Cooking a brisket using indirect heat, and patience! The last clip was shot at 5:30 pm, after resting the brisket for 2.5 hours.


No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

Thats a great looking brisket. Did you add any liquid when you wrapped it?

KillerBebe says:

To get the slow cook/ smoke, are there a setting for the vents or is it trial and error? Also how often did you have to check the coals to add?

Scott Walker says:

Love this guy. Entertaining and informative!

Ajeta Glenn says:

I have not seen on YouTube showing the rings of Smoking. Excellent Job

Greg Freer says:

This is the most difficult method for smoking brisket…you got nads for trying it. You evidently managed the heat escape very well and didn’t seem to soar the temp—otherwise your bark would be black & burned. Nice job!

Robert Hill says:

new to this but I’m glad I clicked on this link. great tutorial

elrabbitsbbq says:

Great looking piece of beef. I run into this video on accident. I like to use the course and fine black pepper method on my briskets as well. Cheers from Texas!! keep smoking them bbq’s

Danny Kline says:

Who wouldn’t love this video? Meat looks on point brother!!! I’m new at it. Wife bought me a barrel grill with a fire box on the side. Super stoked!!

BensBQ says:

That’s an awesome brisket man, nice cooking! Big thumbs up and subbed!! 😀

Jose Antonio Villanueva Gonzalez says:

WOW!! Im going to try your “turn my grill into a smoker” method…. greetings from Mexico !!

F̸͟͞A̸͟͞ᎦᏂᎩ ᎴᏫᎩ MᎯM⃟ says:

Looks delicious! I am going to try and cook me a brisket with my Chargriller. I’ve never cooked a smoke brisket before. I am going to try it. Wish me luck! Thanks for the video.

Gustavus Bonner says:

Friendly neighbors

bboy1481 says:

Im doing this for Thanksgiving

HolyDragonGuy says:

Can you show how to cut the brisket please.

Ilovepho Pholover says:


Nakia Simmons says:

I love cooking brisket did you add any seasoning as it was cooking I usually do about 3 hours into the cooking. You sound like a Southerner where you from

Beta Drift says:

Great vid, but 400°???…that gauge has to be off.

First name says:

I grill with an unlit cigarette in my mouth

E 117 says:

What temp do you hold the temp inside the grill at for the first few hours before you wrap it? And after you wrap it?

Marvin Mcmiller says:

man that brisket looks yummy

dwan taylor says:

very nice

Casmat Matney says:

using this exact method right now on my char griller.. 6hrs in rn 18lb brisket has been wrapped for about 30mins once it reached 165° Now just to let it do its thing..
thanks for the tutorial tho. my first smoked brisket in a barrel grill

The Meat Stall says:


ChiTownGuido23 says:

Wow… beautiful smoke ring

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