Salmon and Lamb using Char Broil 190 Tabletop Gas Grill Model 465133010

Grill: Char-Broil 190 Tabletop Gas Grill
Model: 465133010
Ignition: manual
Fuel: Coleman Propane Fuel, 16.4 oz (AKA Camping Gas)

This is a follow up of an initial review where I grilled hotdogs. I have used the portable/table top/camping grill a few times since then with more and bigger portions of meat. This time I grilled salmon and lamb. So far so good, the grill is quite convenient and affordable; I recommend the grill. Since it is a manual ignition grill it does take more care lighting the burner and I highly recommend using a long/wand style lighter. TIP: place the long wand tip under the grill and close to the burner as possible, light the lighter, then turn on gas.

On a side note I still think a charcoal grill imparts better flavor but propane gas grills are more convenient. One downside to propane tank use is that it sometimes runs out of fuel unexpectedly.


Jane says:

Someone should make a video on how to clean the Char-broil portable gas grill. I have the exact same grill at home. I haven’t use it yet. I’m worry that it’s a hassle to clean afterward.

Aryeri Batista says:

how do you clean it…can u make a video?

witchady14 says:

i just bought it. its it suppose to light up where the open square near the propane is ?

Ed Gufler says:

looks delicious.. good job

Laura Tuller says:

I bought that & haven’t used it yet. No lava rocks needed? Let me know quickly! Thanks.

christopher 600cc says:

im happy with my little grill the can was on for 2.5 hour and i still have gas on the can

Woo Jin Cha says:

I can’t seem to be my exact same grill hot enough… Do you leave the lid on the entire time from start to finish?

pimpmyride says:

I just bought one on clearance at kroger today.
I bought it for the apocalypse. Lol

Clinton Gfroerer says:

Lose the glove girlie man

Chanese Smith says:

Thank you! Finally, someone with a good video on this grill that shows how it can cook. I’m buying it now.

Lisa Ellis says:

Cooking burgers on here and lots of flames coming through. Is this normal? Lol

Patricia ayala says:

U think I could use it indoors?

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