PK360 Grill Unboxing HD

The PK360 is the new mid-size PK Grill & Smoker. With 360 square inches of cooking space, plus included shelves and stand, the PK360 is setting a new standard for the high-end charcoal cooker by offering more value and features than any other high-end charcoal cooker. Reserve your limited edition PK360 today at


Reasmiey Phann says:

You guys think you can put out some cooking/performance videos on the pk360, so we can see how the grill/smoker actually performs before I shell out $899 for one of these cool looking cookers?

Fairy kingdom rising says:

would love to see it in use

IsXha says:

what’s the max temp. are all those nobs plastic too

Swamp Pappy77 says:

I’d buy it but my PK grill from ages ago is still functioning fine. $899 seems awfully high. But, cast aluminum is definitely the way to go.

Pete Mitchum says:

I too hesitated because the current online price with PK is $799, and it was also that on my local Home Depot’s online page. HD only had one in stock so I rode over there to see it in person. Much to my surprise HD had it on sale for $699! Yes, I bought it because I went prepared for the $799 price.

Quick review here. Yes…the price point does seem high, but not really when you compare it to other high-end charcoal grills such as Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, etc. The PK360 is a premium quality grill in every respect.

Starting with the excellent packaging there was no damage what so ever. Lots of styrofoam protection and everything was in perfect condition.

Chesley Graham says:

I purchased mine and Home Depot last week. They only had one and it was covered behind the other grills. I was going for the original design, but it looks like the difference between The Flintstones and The Jetson’s. The PK 360 case aluminum is high quality, fitted like a single bowl cut into. I haven’t stopped cooking on this bad boy. Chicken, ribs, steaks. I have ribs on it now and have lamb and others lined up. You can control the heat easily, and it stays were you set it for a long time. I had been a gas grill guy, now I love the charcoal and wood chips. My only complaint is the wheel are small and does work rolling across the rough terrain. Could use four wheel? I will being passing this on to my son someday, and I want have to worry about maintaining it because it is so simple and nothing to break or where out.

Anthony Wheeler says:

Nice looking grill. I got rid of my previous PK because of capacity and ash management. With those two issues addressed in this model, I’m interested again. I was expecting a $500 price point and willing to purchase immediately, but $900 seems a bit high. I will wait for a few positive reviews before I drop that kind of money.

mdees88 says:

My dad had a pk grill about 40 years ago. I bought one 4 years ago. I was also expecting this new model to cost around $500. I would pay $600 for this without hesitating (and leave my current one at my work). I’m really going to have to weigh my options at the $900 price point. That being said it is still priced reasonably cheaper than comparatively sized (name brand) ceramic grills. Priced equally with non name brand kamado grills. Might have even purchased today for $700. Guess I’ll wait a few more days then pay $900 for it. Dang it…………..

HotSauceDaily says:

The price point on this baby is really high for a charcoal grill. Yes, I get the fact that it’s very high quality, but ultimately, it looks like the grills that are permanent installs at campsites. Maybe this video slanted my impression. 🙂
I don’t like the stand either. It just looks kind of space-age-like and unstable.
Can’t wait to see the early real-world reviews on it tho. Sign me as interested, but intrepid. ~brian

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