Oklahoma Joe Bandera Smoker Review


sskyking1 says:

This is an updated version of the venerable New Braunfels Bandera. I’ve had one of those for 13 years and absolutely LOVE it. It’s been off the market for quite awhile and I’m happy to see they have brought it back out. It also looks like they built-in one of the most popular after-market mods, the downward angled baffle. I saw one at Lowes the other day and it seems like it might be a bit heavier metal as well. Looks like they tightened up the firebox damper, and I’m happy to see they replaced the wood shelf and lousy plastic casters. After a few years, I had to modify mine to take heavy duty casters. This model also provides a higher charcoal grate than the original, so it should get better airflow. Someone asked about wood… yes, it’s designed as a stick-burner. I’ve used small splits, trimmings from Apple trees etc. I tend to prefer the “mini-logs” that I can get in large bags at Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas. The one question I have is the tower size… when I was at Lowes, it looked to me like they might have shrunk it a bit. The original is 17.25″ deep, 16.75″ wide and 36″ high (excl. chimney). How does that compare to yours? Thanks!

Mitch Muerle says:

you painted ontop of the factory paint?. how’d the paint hold up?

911LexVegas says:

You seem like you’ve done your homework.

Daniel Jenkins says:

mm357 is that some kind of high heat gasket seal?


My walmart has this for $89 so I was thinking about grabbing it

Denny Stamps says:

How did you build your fire box

Robert Higbee says:

Would love to see some cooking videos of this ..I have a pellet smoker but really want a wood/charcoal smoker too..And I live in Alaska so its really hard to find good smokers ..Unless you have big money to have one shipped up …Well this is available at Wallies …:)

Robert Higbee says:

Did the wood/charcoal box come with it??

Nathan Pierce says:

What kind of seals did you use around the door and firebox and how are they holding up?

Paul Logan says:

Bought one last night at Walmart for $189…can’t wait to make some mods and get it smokin. I purchased all stainless steel nuts and bolts and high temp silicon. Figure at the price I paid I might as well make it last. Thanks for the helpful review.

lign Good says:

Thanks! Nice mods! Any chance of another quick video showing more, of the unit overall especially the firebox? Do you think this smoker would work using wood as fuel instead of charcoal? Or is firebox too small?

Angel Nodal says:

Awesome! Thinking about getting one. Saw some bad reviews on Lowes website about the paint peeling but glad to see that it’s an easily fixable. Would love a vid of it in action!

Jeremy Espinoza says:

So how does it smoke? or are you still getting use to it?

gargois1 says:

I had a vertical smoker like this one that lasted me 10 years before it burnt out. I saw one of these the other day and it looks pretty awesome. Pretty thick metal looks like it would hold up really well.

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