Nice! Kingsford 24in Charcoal or Wood grill

If you like to barbeque with charcoal or wood, here’s a nice 24″ grill from Kingsford! Bought it for $98 at Walmart (available for $88 online), but you will probably pay for shipping..
Firelight275 website:
Facebook grilling page:

I really like the adjustable height charcoal tray with the handle.

Assembly was a breeze, all hardware was packaged in the order of assembly, clear and logical instructions and nothing missing. All holes lined up and hardware fit up well.

Can’t believe they’re selling for $98! Hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

Thanks for watching my friend!


TheGravygun says:

I put a H burner on the left side 30 bucks plus the tank.Great when you want to cook something quick.Nice

david krasowski says:

agree saw it at walmart shell get it tomorrow….thanks nice video

Jesus Samaniego says:

I have it and love it it was a bit difficult to assemble but it is awesome.

tiffanywatson172 says:

i love this grill

Karim Harara says:

what’s up with your audio….

usa gal says:

I did enjoy watching it and learned something. My husband wants to buy one now. We have a small one to make kabobs. Thank you for sharing!

Jane Renee says:

got this at Walmart. love it! did something wrong with the coal grate, doesn’t go all the way down.

gwp1ohio says:

well, you sold me on that review…Just what I have been looking for and they are $88 now.

cactus forever says:

no sound

The Man says:

Can any one compare this (or the “Expert Grill”) to the Weber Kettle Premium that goes for about $150? From what I have seen I like this one better but the Weber gets the better reviews. I have not seen a side by side comparison.

Jeff King says:

I’m going to have to return mine because of faulty parts. My crank will not raise the charcoal sheet. It grinds but won’t raise.

Nicole Rios says:

just brought and assembled this… Wal-Mart for 86 bucks I’m going to use it tomorrow looks like a great buy

Jonathon Blackburn says:

Speak up. Can barely hear you.

V-Groove Grill says:

Hello guys I love your video
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Danny F says:

A very nice video. I like the concept of this grill but I wish the do it more qualitative, larger and durable. I mean a large case made from cast metal as well as the cover, improved hinges an even the top tray to be more durable. They should combine this concept with Argentinean grills to incorporate the sloped angels tray. I wouldn’t save money if I find my perfect charcoal grill 🙂 Thanks,

Christopher Preston says:

I just got the 32″ big brother of this BBQ … Very Nice

CG Garcia says:

Can you use a hardwood like cherry instead of charcoal for this grill?

Eric Rocha says:

you dont have any problems with the raising or lowering the charcoal pan. mine doesn’t lower all the way. i think the weld is wrong. only goes a third of the way down

marc hebert says:

just bought this assembled in 45 mins awesome grill for price…gonna attempt a brisket tomorrow

Vincent Silva says:

I just bought mine at Walmart for $88 dollars!! Great deal. I saw your chimney starter and had to buy one of those too! Got that for under $15 at Walmart also. I already fired it up and had our first cookout of this Spring. Loved it. Thanks for sharing!

Donald Erickson says:

Had that grill for 2 years. Great and versatile can do offset cooking, I’ve smoked a brisket, great ribs, and excellent for chicken. The only downfall is that it’s a thinner gauge than my Webber kettle but I love it. My only small complaints were I used green egg felt on the lid to seal it better because it leaked a lot, and RTV sealant around the small door. The only other problem was my charcoal pan leans to the left a little, I contribute that to indirect cooks always being on that side. I love that grill and would buy it again in a heart beat.

A. liquidbabydoll says:

can you line the ash tray?

GunsolKyle says:

so this Wednesday I am thinking about getting a grill like this model. but I noticed, I side the frill, where you dump in the charcoal, it’s screwed in, now how would you clean it, are you suppose to in screw it and wash it?

TheRydog61 says:

nice grill

PDurelli says:

We AGREE it’s a fantastic grill. We bought this grill and made a unique modification.

stacey41971 says:


Samuel Delaet says:

Just picked this same one up at Walmart for 45 bucks assembled! It was a demo with paper work and in perfect condition. About to use it for the first time!!!

Tony On The Grill says:

I got this grill for $50.00 at Walmart last yrs 😉

dyllan naecker says:

I have had my eye on this for a couple of months this video sold me on it I just went online and purchased mine thanks for the video

Cary Nelson says:

I saw this on the walmart site. Does it look like it could fit an average sized turkey?

derryk1 says:

Man you have more grills than me I have several. I too have one of those Weber Go-Anywhere grills I see in the back ground there. Nice little grill for when you are on the go or just have a couple of quick things to grill up. My big grill is a Char-broil similar to your Kingsford but a bit larger and it’s over 35 years old used often but still going strong not a mark of rust or signs of wearing thin. Keep your equipment in great shape and it will last you a long time all it takes is just a little routine maintenance after every few uses.  Keep on Grillin!

M Gomez says:

Can you get replacement grates or ash tray?

Mercedes Iglesias-Paul says:

Hi is your grill still in good condition,
I lot of people comments, were complained the painting is coming off after 3 times in used?.

Va Gina says:

I bought one today at Walmart for $88 and it was already assembled.

Steve Parsons says:

I just picked this grill up assembled at Walmart on clearance for $45. Picking one up for my father-in-law tomorrow.

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