My NEW Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill REVIEW!!!


Matt J says:

Been a few months…. do you still use it and like it?

I’m about to buy one and the lid is the selling point to me as well. Who wants to clean up splatter from everywhere.

Sherman Brown says:

You lost me at all the ‘F-bombs’ and such.

Kohana P says:

What temp are u cooking on ur not showing lol

Seirra Buck says:

I came here to watch the review now I’m on UberEATS ordering so much food lol. Great review

Chill Out says:

Great review

Rei Dabels says:

5:11 to start the real review

Sniper Pigeon says:

awesome review, i never put much thought into an electric grill until watching your review

Mark Jacob says:

Use aluminum foil in the drip tray, makes clean up much more easy

LISA B. says:

I heard the same thing from an appliance store. They told me that common brands will make certain appliances only for specific stores, and the reason they’re cheaper , is because they’re made cheaper. If it’s a washer/dryer for instance, a cycle may be missing to lower the price……..and, they were right, I noticed looking at the same brand, same model that it was made differently for lower priced retail stores. An interesting thing to note. Who would have thought?

Gina Irwin says:

I bought this and am just waiting for it to come, by far my favorite review. A review with personality, just saying im pretty sure we would be best friends hahaha!

King Trance says:

Great review!

Michael Smith says:

Dude make up your mind. It’s either to big or two small.

Kohana P says:

Chicken leg quarters lol

Kip Paseo says:

That’s true to a point but Walmart is the worst followed by HSN.

Mark Jacob says:

That’s crazy how long their shipping is..crazy!

john woods says:

I’ve never had brussel sprouts. I should try them out one of these days too. I bet they’re really good for you too! Take care!

labyrinthodont 6 says:

What temperature was the grill heated to please?

ohdogwow2 says:

It’s a very good indoor grill and it’s lid not only keeps the splatter down, but acts like a melting dome for cheese on burgers. That’s important if you like harder cheeses like cheddar on your burgers. It has a hot sear and the drip holes in the grill plate allow expressed moisture to escape from under the meat so it continues sear and not start steaming. As fat renders the drip holes allow it to fall away from the hot grill surface which why there is minimal smoke. Super easy to clean. After its clean I keep mine on a shelving unit in a bedroom closet.

Joe Shedler says:

Dude, you shouldn’t be putting cold steaks from the fridge on the grill. When cooking steaks, bring them out of the fridge before you “warm up” your grill. You want your steaks room temp when you put them on. They will turn out much nicer, and shouldn’t cool your grill so much as well. cheers!

Joseph Castillo says:

Do they actually taste like grilled burgers or grilled chicken?

Fiona Smith says:

Your review and one other’s convinced me to buy this…and so far I am happy! Thank you for the humorous yet thorough review! Everything you said was true… hit the spot !

Mark Jacob says:

Can you do a review of Hamilton beach grill vs Phillips smokeless indoor grill??

janeldw says:

This is a great review!!! I was eyeing this grill for a while and was wondering if it was going to be good buy. You’ve sold me on this. Purchase!!! Awaiting the UPS truck….I’m excitement! Thanks man!

Mimi Sabatino says:

Lol, all this “shit” very funny guy. This video is great. I just got done watching the copper one your referred to, didn’t like it. I like this one, and will look further into it. Thank you for your time in helping others.

Seirra Buck says:

Have you ever made salmon with this grill?

tricia fe parrenas says:

I just ordered mine lol

Similie03 says:

Thank you so much for this review! Very thorough and informative and definitely sealed the deal for me in my decision to purchase.

allthings nu says:

Great review! You gave plenty of helpful details while showing us how to cook a variety of different foods. I want one of these grills now and I am hungry! Thanks.

William Guzardo says:

Dude just ordered one

Denise M says:

He Is funny

Bill Buttliqor says:

Is it a three prong plug for the electrical outlet??? Do u know which specifically? Thanks!

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