Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman Grill Unboxing

I thought it would be nice to share this with everybody. I can’t wait to enjoy this grill.


Pitmaster X says:

I love the look of this Grill Michael.

ZiggZagg11 says:

the bottom charcoal grate has a this side up…!

Sky High says:

I love them

BandB1111111 says:

Did these always come in pieces? or where the old ones one solid piece, plus door and top?

Texaschef84 says:

Will it rust if I left it outside in Texas

cdemps7 says:

I bought an Oklahoma Joe sidebox smoker and gave my ancient aluminum grill to my daughter. Then I found out that doing a couple of steaks or burgers on a smoker sidebox was serious overkill (duh). So I bought one of these at work yesterday (Academy Sports. $89.95). When I got home I dug it out of the box and couldn’t figure out how the draft door worked (I had the base plate turned the wrong way 🙂 ). Great instructional video. Thanks!

The Backyard BBQ Show - BBQFOOD4U says:

Looks like a cool BBQ. Fire it up and cook up some food. Cheers

john doe says:

i just now put mine together watching your video. can wait to fire it up tonight

Overland Bound Russia says:

good product

michael landry says:

The cover is OK! I’ve sean better but I have no real complaints about it. It fits it’s made for it what else can I say. Than you for watching and for your comments.

michael landry says:

It’s a nice little grill, enjoy it Brady.

Dave Grohl says:

never mind the grill. look at the engineering needed to make the box

NoDak Savage says:

You think theyd make it so that stupid door stays closed a little better, I see it just popped open a few times when you hadly moved the thing

goose003 says:

i bought this grill about 3 years and its still in my trunk to this day it works great. What sux is that i lost the sliding door. I dont know where to get another one. it still works great though.

The Culinary Fanatic says:

This video helped me to answer a question for someone on what was the difference between this grill and the new version, the L410. Thanks for posting.

bearbetsey says:

I have had this grill for 3 years.  It is made in the USA.  At least the grill is. No sure about the cover because I don’t have the Lodge cover.  I bought the Weber cover for me and fits like a glove.

Kwadu Leach says:

how did I get here watching this

John Thompson says:

bought one a couple of weeks ago. was apprehensive at the price, and didn’t even notice it didn’t have a lid…. but now after having used it twice let me tell you, you get what you pay for. this thing is awesome awesome awesome awesome…. it really retains the heat and gets super hot. most grills lose so much heat and just doesn’t generate much but on this thing you can have a rare steak with a charcoaled black outside if you wanted… well worth the $86…

michael landry says:

thanks, just fired it up now!

Misha Gray says:

Thank you so much, I just got me one and can not wait to try it out. Did you have trouble with yours rusting? I am going to have to get me a cover for mine.

nothadnotbad says:

i think it’s so cute when someone makes a video like this.  they are proud of their new toy.  



michael landry says:

It is an awesome Grill. thanks for watching Sky High.

desertdispatch says:

if you are thinking about buying this I love mine. Just take proper care of it. First thing I did before use was spray this down with non stick spray. I went to ACE and found matching stainless nuts and bolts for the bottom though it was probably unnecessary. Keep it cleaned and sprayed down with oil and store it properly after each use. I was using a Weber Smokey Joe before buying this and I like this much better,…

michael landry says:

thanks Greg! I have a lot of lodge products and love them.

Ballistic BBQ says:

You can’t beat the quality of anything made by Lodge. That thing is too cool!

waldan1701 says:

Cover or not dont leave it outside. Bring it in a shed or garage when it cools off. It will rust just from the moisture in the air.

michael landry says:

Thank you Waldon, you are absolutely correct.

AllaMortify says:

Just had one of these turn up today. If I might ask you (before I try mine), is there much heat transference to the legs and does the cooking grate retain heat well (I usually use briquettes on my weber grill, but wonder if lump charcoal is better with this as the cast iron should lose less heat when the charcoal burns down) ?

Matthijs van Guilder says:

Had one for decades – nothing better for steak, chicken, lamb or anything! Try using actual hardwood instead of charcoal! The cold ashes nourish the composter soil as well.

michael landry says:

I’ll cook something on it this weekend, some kind of protein!

michael landry says:

there sure is! thanks for commenting.

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