Kingsford Charcoal Grill

Here I give my review of the Kingsford charcoal grill.


GoldenGlove209 says:

got the 32″ for 68 bucks cuz they had a stack in the wrong place at walmart so the manager gave me it for that price!!!!!!

The Man says:

Can any one compare this (or the “Expert Grill”) to the Weber Kettle Premium that goes for about $150? From what I have seen I like this one better but the Weber gets the better reviews. I have not seen a side by side comparison.

Also, how tight does the lid close?

Fantom Lord says:

just got this yesterday and plan to use it today…wasnt too difficult to assemble. very nice video/review

david krasowski says:

nice video saw it at walmart shell get

Zakya clark says:

got the 32″ for 35.00,was unmarked clearance at the store !!

Nicholas Fox says:

Thanks for the review, man! I’m excited to get this grill.

MrProvoville27 says:

Great video, I just got the Char-broil grill just like this yesterday, I’ll be Grilling on it tomorrow for the 1st time

jon potenciano says:

just got this today , i cannot for the life put the lifting assembly thing on , i put it on many different times and seems like the left Nd right lifters get stuck somewere in the grove

Jeff King says:

I’m assembling mine and the crank won’t lift the charcoal panel

glnemeth says:

For anyone thinking about buying this in Central Europe: I planned on buying one from a local hardware store and did a lot of research on it, because it seemed too cheap. I found that this grill is now sold under a lot of brand names around Europe, very cheaply made, much worse quality compared to what you see on the video. It’s actually easy to identify, as there is no cast iron grate, just the cheaper (hopefully) stainless grille. The construction is much worse, charcoal tray, ash tray, legs already bent, screws not holding. I’ve seen pictures on amazon, reporting plastic handles melting, paint getting burnt and rust building up after just a few uses.
So I would advice to stay away from the cheap ones, without cast iron grate. Sadly, in my country all shops sell this low quality version, with at lest 4 different brands.

robertrangelak says:

thanks! got this one out this weekend didnt like that the charcoal tray didnt have any side walls..coals kept falling through the sides.- not to metion my crank handle fell off, and it was the first time using the damn thing

ricerust says:

saw the exact same one same price at walmart but its not kingsford

PDurelli says:

We AGREE it’s a fantastic grill. We bought this grill and made a unique modification.

OldSport says:

This grill blows. I had one and it rusted out in less than a year. Get the char griller brand and it will last at least 2 years.

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