How To Set Up A Charcoal Grill For Smoking | Smoke Meat with your Weber Kettle

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How To Set Up A Charcoal Grill For Smoking | Smoke Meat with your Weber Kettle

You don’t have to have a big, expensive smoker in order to produce some good smoked meat and barbecue. All you need is a weber kettle – or any good charcoal grill – and a little know-how.

To convert your charcoal grill into a smoker you don’t need much. I use a ½ size aluminum pan, a chimney of hot coals and a few, small pieces of wood.

To start, you first place a ½ size aluminum pan on one side of your grill. This will be your cool zone – and it’s where you will place the meat you want to smoke. Then you can fill the other side with your hot coals and wood to create your hot zone.
Now you’ve got everything set-up to smoke on your charcoal grill. I’m using a weber kettle and it’s one of my favorite grills I own – it’s very versatile.

Once you get your coals and wood in your grill and you’re ready to smoke some barbecue or BBQ, you need to set both your top and bottom vents to be open about 25%. You want a little airflow, but you don’t want too much or your fire will burn hotter and you won’t be smoking your meat at a low n’ slow temp.

Now that your charcoal grill is set for smoking, all you have to do it put your meat on and monitor the internal temp.

With this set up you can smoke just about anything on the Weber as long as it fits on the rack above the drip pan.

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Christian Cazarez says:

Hi malcom im thinking on getting a weber spirit gas grill this Saturday also im buying a charcoal grill like this… do you recommend get a smoker as well or this kettle grill do the same job as a smokey mountain weber ? Thanks im just trying to save some money i enjoy your videos a lot

Rebecca West says:

That is a really nice tip , planning a BBQ on Scarborough beach so this is coming in handy.

Evan Ross says:

Great video, where does the meat go? In the center?

Ben Craig says:

Your a champion sent all the way from Melbourne Australia

Antonetta Kowalewski says:

Great place to learn how to make it yourself much much cheaper. Just google for ‘woodprix’ website:)

Kamal AL-Hinai says:

What about the vent downside, should it be opened or closed?

Joseph Barrionuevo says:

How come you don’t use the weber smokey mountain?

Good Times Fan Page says:

Hey, so how do I know if the charcoal’s ready for smoking?

Rocky Crocker says:

I’m new to your channel and to grilling, smoking and bbq’ing and found your videos to be really helpful and resourceful so thanks for that. I do have a question about the wood do you soak it or is it pre-soaked when you buy it?

kmake says:

Great video, thanks.

Will Wood says:

Your channel is my go to for any BBQ recipes and tips. I’ve tried to watch a few others and they don’t compare. My girlfriend even enjoys watching with me!

Michele Toscan says:

He talks like Cletus from the Simpsons!

Brendan Maioha says:

time to crank up the grill

Joy Stewart says:

Great video, thanks! Can I do something similar in my long char griller?

Chuck Roast says:

Malcom, I love your videos and since I don’t have a smoker, I searched “how to smoke on weber” and here you are. Your recipes I’m trying are getting great compliments. Thank you for posting and keep up the great work. God bless you, brother

Randy Blackstone says:

Great Idea, Thanks for the tips!

kenan says:

what is it ? in the box liquid ?

Ray Trotter says:

what size is your kettle grill?

Billy DeCola says:

You Rock! Thanks for sharing the info. I enjoyed your layer back approach.

Jason Desjardins says:

Thanks Malcolm! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Subscribed!

Berke Huizenga says:

do it yourself , go to woodprix page and learn how .

Ava's Cupcakes says:

Great video Thank You!!

Mark Aguglia says:

How do you keep your grill grate so clean!? Love your channel.

ozzycarnut says:

excellent advice. no fancy equipment, just use what works.

tonton heredero says:

My charcoal dies out when I close the lid, why? btw im using wood charcoal

princessZ44 says:


Guillermo Paredes says:

Would this setup work for a 15 pound turkey?

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