How to light a BBQ Charcoal Barrel Grill


PART 1 OF 4 Grillin’ N Swillin”: I show you my brand new Member’s Mark Traditional Barrel BBQ Grill Model Number #CG2036001-MM which I bought at Sam’s Club for about $130 + tax. I then show you how I light my fire with Kingsford Charcoal & Kingsford Lighter Fluid which I also buy in bulk at Sam’s Club. I then chug a Bud Light Platinum 12oz (355ml) 6%abv Slim Can. Y a prender el bote lla sabes carnal puro conjunto 4 life!


rknetwork says:

You SHOULD NOT add any fluid once it’s fired, you can burn your hands easily! Secondly, BUD LIGHT is not a beer!

Jonny D says:

How to ruin food 101

Twist Wuoch says:

lmao man why yall got to give the dude so much hate

Half-Man Half-Amazing says:

Thanks for sharing dude. Nice grill

M Sanchez says:

Te vas resio con el fluid loko..haha thats enough thats enough esse.

Roy Van Dyk says:

Cuanto tiempo te duro el asador? Aún lo tienes? Pienso comprarlo

neil donaghy says:

funny vid

Nerumbo says:

con ese liquido enciendes una casa no seas mamón xD te pasaste de neonga!

Joshua Ayala says:

Tf?? You just poured like half a bottle of fluid on a sophisticated self lighting charcoal? Why??

Mary Narro says:

I love the video lol but what is the point of the bud light platinum lol

d hatfield says:

No no no. don’t use lighter fluid. waisted money and messes with the flavor

Ronnie Rocha says:

I did away on using lighter fluid, I now use the chimney to preheat my coals

emmanuel perusquia says:

Es de putos prender el carbón de esa forma

Don Gonzalez says:

Lock him up

Jim Kanzelmeyer says:

Thumbs up for the bonus beer chug!

Saul Chavez says:

Your a real one brother
I had no idea you had to soak the charcoal completely lol I looked like a dumbass in front of some chicks
Thanks for the advice bro
Drink up!
I’m from Oregon

Robert Torres says:

Why are all these millennials so sensitive to everything. Y son los mas pendejos. Keep doing ur entertaining videos loko.

Tsquare Talk says:

You had me at south tx, Just subscribed.

Ricardo Vázquez says:

What’s the final Octane on a Cheeseburger ?

Sergejs Stanevics says:

Ending is epic :)))

Saul B says:

No mames….tanto pinche liquido te va dar chorro.

Jav Soliz says:

You lost me with the lighter fluid. I use exact same charcoal but haven’t bought lighter fluid in 10 years. Get a chimney and your liver hates you chugging them bud lights

Tomeka Pompey says:

Go to WoodPrix if you’d like to build it yourself.

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