How to get amazing red hot coals for any barbecue – Coal starter review

New video! Lump charcoal tips!
Quick easy way to get the best red hot coals for any barbecue. No more lighter fluid, coal starter cubes. A simple lighter and some flyer paper and this product and your off to the races.


Ant Wilkins says:

Wood is the only way to go!

William Peoples says:

I usually just soake my coal with fluid and let it sit for 20 min. Then they burn in notime

Damon Heart says:

Nice ECW intro

Darrell Parkhill says:

As soon as you opined that one should not use “the wood kind” of charcoal because “it sucks”, you lost all credibility.

Chris Bryant says:

Ur gonna burn wut ever u put on

gereral1 says:

Messing with lump charcoal….. amazing results!

CV says:

Holy Crap, well done gereral!

Carl Bloecher says:

Wow. Would have never thunk of it…only been aroun d for —- oh like FOREVER….SMFH

Patrick McDonough says:

What is the best propane brand?

Kyle Taylor says:

2018 ?

Quinlan says:

Bbq nazi… 2 showed up late.. After 30 mins of shouting about rules he let them in

Mike Ries says:

So eight people eat twice as much charcoal as two? Interesting.

Bektas Konca says:

this is the worst coal ever to use in cooking meat, i wont trust man made coal…..

Andrew Herrera says:

That was pretty badass

Carin Duncan says:

Watching that kid hold that torch next to his dad not a good idea

Ros R says:

Too messy, I get fire as red without the containers in 15min

1jboda says:

Cool video

Amar Mohip says:

This dude got 1 million plus views for this? I clicked on it because I thought I would have learned something new. Just follow the instructions with the chimney starter and you will be good….smh the things i see on youtube

PREMONE 920 says:

Good fire man!!!!

Thomas McDougall says:

Hawaii volcano has loads of hot coals right now im sure you can get some

Ben Dover says:

Kingsford is better

Keith Miller says:

BRILLIANT video ! ( just if you want to save money on the fire starters)
Get two used large clean tins of tomatoes or beans put in some wires a 1/4 of
The bottom up put some holes in the tin lid drop it down onto the wires put more wires on top of the lid so it doesn’t move ” THERE YOU’VE GOT YOUR OWN BBQ FIRE STARTER “. Forgot add a handle to
The tin !

bluewolfe96 says:

Saw those coals and thought *WOW*

Raul Cardona says:

This dipshit doesn’t know the difference between BBQ and grilling.

ToGro MAAHB says:

How much charcoal would have to be burned indoors to be lethal?

Games 3 says:

شمو استفتو يا عرب ؟؟؟


This is not a “great idea”…
This is not a “cool trick”…
This is exactly what this was intended for, and what people have been doing for decades…
Is this the first time you have used charcoal?

Patrick McDonough says:

What kind of newspaper do you use?

Ryan Austin says:

leafs suck …

Edward Lebbon says:

People of the north should never talk BBQ. That’s a grill and you are grilling not barbecuing.

E McMac says:

thank you for this…very helpful

Keith Rouse says:

Just ball up 3 sheets of newspaper and best to not use the color pages just the Black and white.

kvj1961 says:

Is this a joke. Was this guy born yesterday.

Charlydx21 says:

Question, once it turns white like that don’t you only have a matter of time before it turns into ashes? Is that the best long lasting coal you use?

omkr 01 says:

This video, has made me hungry…

Hey You says:

1:25 Shouldn’t you be wearing your gloves? No, but keep that propane flame right over my full head of hair. 😉

johnnylawrence says:

Chimneys are overrated. You get the same results putting it in your grill and lighting it.

Brittany D says:

But how low he said he’s going to feed six people right all right but he import like 50 to 100 charcoal my bad 50 or a hundred charcoal for 6 people that’s wasting charcoal that means his fire is going to be born on all day long all day and all night that’s wasting charcoal

James Weimar says:

4:37 minute video? Googled instructions and found this in 15 seconds. From Kingston website.
Method 1: Lighting the coals with a chimney starter
Fill the chimney with charcoal. Fill the chimney with the appropriate amount of charcoal. …
Add newspaper and light it. Add one or two sheets of newspaper, following the instructions on the chimney. …
When you see flames up top, pour out the coals.
This was entertaining because I busted out laughing when I saw you had 6,000 subscribers. To quote Austin Powers, “Who are these people!”

DaEverything1 says:

Everyone says lighter fluid is bad for you, but when you use a chimney, youre using newspaper that has INK on it…

Which is about the same, maybe even more toxic than lighter fluid?

strictly only brothers says:

i usually use a leaf blower nd it starts under 1 minute

Julius Silifaiva says:

Where’s the trick???? Smh

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