Grilling Chicken On My Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill

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embarado smithing and woodcraft says:

.1/2 sheet of news print with 8 drops of veg oil will start your chimney full of charcoal i prefer natural chunk charcoal witch i make my self

Jody Grimmett says:

People don’t forget to remove the labeling from the chimney before using it. It might catch fire.

Mike Crane says:

my guess is the tin foil in the cast iron pan didnt work out too well melting tin foil is toxic and it will melt in extremely high heat.. enjoy your grill 🙂 looks good.

PartyUpLive says:

nice video. I’ve been thinking of getting the Jumbo Joe for grilling on the porch in the winter.

Harshad Mahadik says:

Oh my god you have so many neat little tricks up your sleeve! Good stuff!

Mark Simpson says:

Many thanks for you post, I used the same indirect system you did with a rack of Lamb & turned out spectacular !

Mouse Toes says:

Great video and great hacks, totally digging the paint can !

Max Flight says:

some cracking ideas , nice video.

Crannog Dolmen says:

very informative…different than “The BBQ Pit Boys”…

Carolyn Campbell says:

I like the idea of the paint can for used briquettes.

Adigun Forest says:

I need to find a woman like this.

Harleydude says:

Good video…yea..the drip catcher makes for a nice and easy clean up :))

Charlie Wood says:

Thanks now I am hungry

m mora says:

it took you all day to grill 4 wings ?? oh no girl … just got to Hot Wings or Buffalo Wild Wings … have a drink and try their hot wings

imasurvivornthriver says:

@ Yokiamah Akuna: My pleasure hun.  🙂

skeetmoses says:

Whenever I use the smokey joe when I put the lid on the fire seems to go out.  I have all vents open.  It seems I have to leave the lid off for things to cook

John Strabismus says:

I used to charcoal grill a lot, but not so much anymore. 

Jan and Bruce / Adams Van Adventures says:

Good tip on saving the charcoal.  I have found pieces of old candles wrapped in wax paper make wonderful fire starters.

I have never heard of using an onion on the grates but it is a wonderful tip.  Thanks.

You can cook chicken wings for me any time.  They look wonderful.

kbbacon says:

Very good! (I’m hungry again)

Yokiamah Akuna says:

I am so grateful you used a lot of detail, and explained all the how’s and why’s of what you were doing.  I don’t use my weber smokey joe very often, and so I’m very ignorant on how to cook with it, MAN I’m doing that chicken out there right now all wrong, LOL  but I hope it won’t come out too bad.  Next time, I’ll use your video, because yours looked fantastic!  Thank you so much!!

virtualguitarist says:

Cool video! I just got the same grill. I find that its hard to cook  more than a few pieces of chicken indirect since there is not enough room. I will most likely use mine for cooking steaks, burgers, and dogs. I do plan on getting the 22.5″ one though for doing up full packages of wings. and full chickens. I save my left over charcoal too. Thanks for sharing your tips! subbed’

Ben Lawver says:

you have a lot of good ideas I never thought about thanks for the post!

SCOTT Roder says:

i love the idea about the cast iron pan. Excellent video

Carolina Prepper says:

Great Video !!!! I love this stuff.

Jeremy Hopper says:

Good video. Love the tip about the onion.

Prepper Potpourri says:

Mmmm, my mouth is watering and I can almost smell the grilled, crispy meat.

steph jordan says:

Awesome tips but looking at those wings i m starving thanks a lot

Willows Garden says:

Looks really good, nothing taste like grilled food. Take care and God Bless!

David Ortiz says:

You can just dip the paper towel in cooking oil and place it under the charcoal starter and it should work properly.

Simon Roberts says:

Hi, I just ordered a smokey joe this evening, watching your video has given me some good advice, so thanks very much and please do some more.

The Robot That Stole Your Jawb!!! says:

dont know why the dislikes, those wings look DELICIOUS and i dont even like wings…. and you made it in that little weber thing, FANTASTIC JOB!

NWIPrepper19113 says:

Well, you have that method down pat. It was fun watching.

Richard Sutherlin says:

Getting me a paint can, great tip.

antonio661 says:

Great video! But you can do with out the foil wrapped coals.

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