Dyna-Glo Vertical Smoker Review After One Month Using in 4K UltraHD

Dyna-Glo Smoker Order – http://goo.gl/Z388aS

The Dyna-Glo vertical smoker was a simple one-person assembly job and the food capacity of this smoker is amazing! It has six removable grates and you obviously do not have to smoke with all six inside at the same time. This vertical smoker can be configured depending upon the quantity of food that is being smoked. It has a small hole in the bottom with included drip pan but I prefer to place an aluminum pan in the bottom with water in it, to double as a water pan and drip pan. The temperature is easy to regulate. Air flow can be adjusted using the vent on the side of the charcoal box, as well as the little chimney on the top of the smoker. Regulating temperature can also be controlled by the amount of charcoal in the side charcoal/wood box. Maintaining the optimal low-and-slow temperature for smoking is easy to master and keeping it going all day is simply a matter of adding more charcoal on top of the already hot charcoal as needed. As far as wood is concerned, you can use a variety of flavors. Be sure to soak the wood chunks for a half hour or so first, before placing them on top of the hot coals. This enables the wood chunks to smoke slowly, vs. burning up quickly. It’s the wood smoke that gives smoked BBQ that smokey flavor. There are several advantages to using a vertical smoker like this, vs. a barrel-style smoker. Should the charcoal and/or wood unexpectedly flare up, the coals and wood are off to the side and not directly below the food being smoked. If the smoker is opened while smoking to spray the food with apple juice, etc. it’s also able to regain temperature more quickly, after the door is closed. I love how this smoker included a built-in thermometer with an easy-to-read dial with a different color for the optimal smoking temperature range. This smoker does not have wheels, which I feel is a plus! I don’t move my smoker around but if I did, it has a handle on each side and I can move it myself. However, moving it should be a very simple task for two people. I have no complaints so far and love how the charcoal box door and smoker door close tightly while in use. It maintains optimal temperature very well without having to add costly modifications to it.

Filmed with Sony FDR-AX100 camcorder in 4K UltraHD. Contains royalty-free music from YouTube Content Creator Audio Library.

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Mark Smith says:

I got  and its great. Holds the temp really well/.

Jason Wille says:

do you have any tips for maintaining perfect temp. i just got one of these and have problems with it running to hot

Soren Peterson says:

First comment again!!!! Nice job!!!!

Chris Grovet says:

Ok I’m a rookie at this. How do I heat the Charcoal or how do you?

Mark Smith says:

definitely get the cover! I put my water pan on the lowest shelf. puts a lot of steam in the smoker to keep food moist. you just need to check the water once in a while. 😉

Darrell Richards says:

It looks really thin is it? and does it effect the cooking?

Bill Franke says:

Oh man! IrixGuy, you deserve better. I’ve watched your videos and I know you can afford better! Look into Backwoods Smokers. They’ll make that smoker look like a Walmart special. And no, I am not connected to Backwoods. Check them out!

gnikmi says:

I was thinking of purchasing one.

Jacques Hammer says:

Okay video but if you actually had some meat examples shown in the smoker, it would of been more effective. Unless you  smoke for a profit, Backwoods Smokers are great but major $$$$

Bill Franke says:

I never said it was an offset! It’s strictly vertical. I have the “Party” am I am not connected to the company, call them and find out.

Don Wilson says:

only thing I dont like about the smoker there is no wheels so putting it in the garage during down time would be a pain, one could put wheels on it I guess that would really help out.

gnikmi says:

seems like the smoker box is already started to rust on top?

John Caulfield says:

I wanna know where you got that t-shirt. I have a Dyna-Glo gas smoker and I want that t-shirt!!!!

Jermaine Somerville says:

Hey Chef have you smoked a packer cut brisket in here? I just brought 1 and it does seem a lil tight in there. I don’t wanna cook it in pieces, I may buy the wide body if this things burns good.

Doug White says:

Put a cast iron pot trivet on top of the fire box where it has gotten hot & you can use that area to keep a pot of sauces, beans, etc. warm

Vance Costelow says:

great video, i just ordered the new wide body dyna glo, and can’t wait for it to come in. again great video

fakebrake says:

just buy the wide version, use sealant when assembling and get a cover. my 2 cents.

Alantis Taylor says:

Mine just arrived today. can’t wait to use it. Are there any modifications you suggest

Loznarb says:

Unsure how you got away without modding this unit. Got it after watching your review. The thing leaks smoke everywhere! Only thing I can think is they have quality control issues. The joint where you screw the firebox to the unit, both doors, and the area around the temperature gauge. Anyone thinking of buying this please know its a great unit but you’ll need to spend $25 in NSF FDA approved high temperature silicone, and smoker gaskets to stop the smoke from leaking. Put gaskets on both doors, and silicone all joints.

DarkHalmut says:

That powder coat above the coals is wrecked.

Localh81 says:

What’s this smoker cost?

Jamie Hastings says:

Great review! Thanks for sharing!

Gerardus Pino says:

I just got one I can’t wait to use it

Don Wilson says:

Every fire box no matter the grill is going to change color nothing you can do about it, it is called heat…you can place a grate on it and use it to keep things warm ect…..

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