Charcoal Grilling tips Beginners

I made this video to show some tips I have learned after many

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MrBoriqua2000 says:

Too much reading

Tobby Villasis says:

Thank you for this video!

Mary Cobbina says:

Do you use briquettes or lumpwood charcoal? Which is better?

Psyachack says:

You say weird chemicals from fluid, but you’re burning newspaper…

HONDA cbr says:

am going to sleep

Alejandro Mujica says:

Thanks for the succinct and detailed guide! Gonna try it out tonight.

sniperjay0916 says:

they have cubes you can put on the grill and light the place the chimney starter over.What you did is sort of dangerous

Mexy 1781 says:

just put the charcoal in the grill..why you need a chimney..thats just stupid to have to do that extra work

Linnea Beckman says:

Please, pretty please, how far should the charcoal be from the grill???  I down sized the grill, only me ‘n’ my little old doggy.  Turned the chimney upside down (there is no video or grill for a single person), so had to , put in charcoal (2 bricks with space between to set chimney on) put in paper, doused charcoal only with denatured alcohol, lit it up, got charcoal furry with ash, put on my filet (beef), about 1and1/2 to 2 inches above charcoal in hand held basket, as far down as I could.  45 min later still not cooked.  Have switched charcoal and tried 3 different grills.  No luck.  What would you recommend?  Had to nuke the meat, tough as leather.  I live where you are not supposed to grill, I made a 6×10′ patio with 12″ pavers anyway, and wait till midnight.  I’m over 65 yrs old, semi-disabled and with the few yrs I have left, I’d like to make something I like, on the rare occasion I have the money.  Any help?  🙂 (charcoal goes out) Chimney is same as yours.  Tried to grill meat with a 1/16″ of fat on one side only.  Will check back to see if you have a suggestion, but doubt it since the comments are at least 1 yr ago.  (as I mentioned, charcoal goes out, is the problem)  Hope you can help and thank you for the video…

West Texas says:

charcoal sucks.. I use nothing but mesquite wood

Jesus was a Carpenter says:

mexican accent aint sexy

Warriorsrus says:

You make this look too easy, lol. How do you keep the juices from dripping down and putting out your charcoal? I don’t want to use aluminum foil, prefer to cook over open flame as you did.

Alweezy says:

Where did you get that top shelf? I don’t have that

Isaac Smalls says:

Very nice.

Sam Fhisher says:

Yanusing news paper to cooking food is hazardous as well as aluminium foils causes cancer. If u heat food inside it or keep hot food in aluminium foils and containers it could melt and mix with food.
U could use clay pots like tandor to keep food dont use news papers or aluminium foils.

Wesley Lee says:

see a lot of people saying they won’t use newspaper so what’s the recommended alternative?

Carlos Gonzalez says:

You rockin the ghetto grill. Food looks good but a cook like you deserves better equip. Get down bro!

Nick Macker says:

won’t play past :52. Multiple connections tried

TSpider Keeper says:

You don’t need to have a charcoal chimney starter its a optional requirement.Which i don’t understand why you put its needed on the video.

caryan050 says:

thank you bro it will help me alot

StatUpBox says:

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Vince D says:

Charcoal on a wooden bench… as a firefighter I might look you up and give you a bitch slapping.

Alweezy says:

Why not just clean the grill with water and soap before cooking, lol

NextTierGaming says:

I find it funny how he starts off by saying to not light up the grill with fluids because it contains chemicals yet he uses a news paper filled with ink…

Al Beebe says:

Charcoal into a gas grill. Can’t argue with results.

Jess Hicks says:

Finally someone who has a similar grill to me, mines a bit smaller though

caryan050 says:

is there any specific type of charcoal to be used ?

StatUpBox says:

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Judah Israelite says:

Good job, I learn something

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