Brinkmann Smoke N Grill Review

It’s grilling season with this two in one budget friendly grill!

Brinkmann Smoke-N-Grill Charcoal Smoker and Grill




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lfilson says:

No smoking video? That’s the real cool thing you can do with this gadget.

Sylvester Thompson says:

I add apple cider vinegar to water. It make the meat taste better.

Austin Kelich says:

nice video. i was wondering if you have tried anything big like pulled pork or ribs yet on it and how it turned out?

blademex says:

question my friend… is the charcoal and water pan the same size? Thanks!

Coffee says:

Gay! Gay! Gay! Gay! Gay!

Trevor Dimmie says:

hey her toes are pink i wish i had pink toe nails

R.A. Keyser says:

Wonderful video..  I have been looking at affordable smokers and this video may have sold me on this one! Thanks and keep grilling!

daveburch235 says:

I bought mine many years ago and had forgotten how to use it. Thank you!

Chicquita MB Crawford says:

Thank you for being so detailed.

moofushu says:

The box for this grill smoker wasn’t correct in showing the charcoal being placed inside the pan. The lower pan is actually an ash catcher. The coals go over the pan on a grate just above it and to coals are placed on the grate. When the coals burn and reduce in size they will fall below into the ash pan. This allows for the coals to burn longer. If you don’t do this and place the coals inside the pan as shown in the video the coals will die out because there will be no air for them. No air = no fire. This is actually a good smoker if you can remember to use one of the grates as a charcoal grate. I’ve made smoked ribs in mine with apple wood that impressed me.

Louie Kaboom says:

What did yours cost if you don’t mine me asking? I just saw the same model I have, listed on Amazon for $130, and I paid about $38 for mine about 6-8 years ago. Looks like we have the same model and I love mine for smoking.

Frank s says:

food looks really good

kyle jones says:

thank you so much this was a big help!!!

Joe Davis says:

Have had one for years…decided to try to smoke some trout I caught through the ice this winter….Thanks for the refresher

deathsensations says:

Looks great! Thank you for a great review, dear!!!

Marshall Perry says:

Great refresher on how to use the Brinkmann Charcoal Smoker & Grill.
Thank you.

Kenney says:

The cheap smokers can actually be very good if you know how to use them. This unit would be perfect for smoked burgers and chicken and with the addition of a charcoal grate and some vents could even do long cooks such as ribs and shoulder. 🙂

tinkerbellgirlblue21 says:

This was super helpful. My mom gave me hers and I had no idea how to use it. This was the perfect video to learn. Thanks!

47f0 says:

Sadly, these have gone extinct… From their website:

Please note, on October 8 2015, Outdoor Direct Corporation, f/k/a The
Brinkmann Corporation, filed for Chapter 11 under the U.S. Bankruptcy
Code. As of November 24th, 2015 we are no longer selling product. We
sincerely appreciate your business and your support throughout the

Mark Las Vegas says:

I have trouble getting the temp up to the “ideal” area and it seems to cold cook everything. This is a big problem with a 20 pound turkey. I smoke it for 8 hours, but the last hour I have to “fan'” the charcoals wil an old hair blower. This makes the turkey black but very moist. any idea of how to kick up the temp?

TheMsLady4Real says:

“Don’t ever buy”! “Worthless !!!!!!!!!

Dorothy Mensah says:

nice one

GrandAbbot says:


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