Best Snake Maze For The Assassin 48 Grille / Smoker

This test was the best and had the most consistent temp the whole way trough the cook at 260 degrees for 12 hours .


bryan schafer says:

I tried this method on my 48 this weekend and got well over 12 hour burn time with a  steady 250 degrees using a BBQ Guru.  I am back in love with my grill/smoker again.

Clay Watson says:

I really like this snake method better than your other snake try. reason why is when the charcoal makes it all the way back to the door you could easily add a bag to keep it rolling. would require very little attention. Great video!

Tim Cottrell says:

Hey there BBQ Freak , I got my Assassin ! I’m gonna season it today , Did you season the water pan in the grill or just rub it down ? I have read some stuff that if you leave the pan empty it will warp . Thanks for your input .

DatGuyJC says:

Love your vids. I have the 48. I’m curious what you used to make the metal tube. I couldn’t find anything at homedepot. Any help would be well appreciated.?

DtheGreat says:

Nice Vid. How does the smoke profile on this compare to your Shirley Fab offset?

Eric Gautier says:

Will this work without a fan?

Nick Hood says:

Hey brother I just ordered one of these as my primary cooker for a catering business it will be used as a smoker 100% of the time for temps 250-270 is this an ideal cooker for that?? Also should I move smoke stack to the right or leave in the center

Nutkrkr says:

Thanks for sharing. I have a question about your Shirley Fabrications smoker. How long of a burn time can you get from it?

Tim Cottrell says:

Wow great videos , you should be getting freebies from Assassin and BBQ Guru cause you sold me !! I ordered my Assassin a week ago and cant wait. I would love to have a vertical feed but they are up there in price so I am hoping like you said that this will work well as a set and forget smoker.  The cook you did in the ice and snow was super impressive. Have you put multiple butts or briskets ? I was just wandering how it did with a good size load on the smoker. Keep up the vids there great !!

Jim Crookston says:

Thanks of posting this. Awesome tests and great info on the Assassin. I’ve seen people do a maze like this with a Hasty Bake but I think they used fire bricks instead of metal as a divider. Would like to own one someday.

Backyard Jack says:

I have a 48, too, and have tried different snake methods. This one looks great.
I notice you are using the V-pan. Do you smoke over the closed side or the slotted side?
Do you ever use the water pan?

Rick Short says:

Very nice video, Thanks for sharing your great methods!

BigEataMan9 says:

How long is your square tubing divider? My assassin smoker grill is on the way & I want to try this method. Thanks

Chris 01 says:

Have you cooked around 325 just wondering what your burn time would be. Also how much charcoal was in your maze?

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