Backyard Grill 14″ Charcoal Grill review / $10-Walmart

This is the Backyard Grill 14 inch Charcoal grill available at Walmart For $10!

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Blue Patch1413 says:

Nice bro, good info

Luigitakesover says:

This vid probably saved my yard a scorching. Special thanks for the “6 months on the porch” test!

Francois Deshue says:

if you people want to do a little maintenance and have the grill last longer, i suggest emptying everything and rinsing the whole thing. storing away from the rain will help too.

EmpyreanMaiden says:

This is on sale at Walmart right now for $6.98. That model has different legs and holes around the side. I ordered one. Thanks for the video!

Aaron Underwood says:

Did you have to you lighter fluid? I bought Kingsford Charcoal, and it said don’t use lighter fluid and to use matches. But I tried no fluid and matches and it would not light. So I bought some lighter fluid. Is that what you did?

juan colombia says:


psc777 says:

I had to buy this grill in an emergency as I forgot my regulator for the grill I brought for camping. OOPS! Hey i didnt forget my tent poles! Anyway, 9 bucks after friends employee discount. I LOVE(D) this little grill. It became the main one for camping tailgaiting, and when cooking small stuff at home. Well, it got ran over by someone not paying attention when pulling into the garage! I need another! I think they changed it a little, now it has a small rack. and pull pins for the legs, vs push pins.

Francois Deshue says:

17$ in canada… fucking hell.

Carpe Diem says:

Wing nut… Not wing bolt

Sourdough Girl says:

Got one on clearance last year, left it out over the winter and it turned into a rust bucket! LOL If you close the lid it will choke out the flames so I never close the lid completely.

moofushu says:

Very good video review of this model grill. I was looking at this charcoal grill because I wanted something I could leave outside and not worry about if it was stolen. When I saw that it didn’t have any holes I knew it would put out the fire. The rule is no air – no fire. Six holes along the perimeter should solve that problem.

KimNhan Ta says:

Thanks for the video clip. Very informative!

DreBlackNinja says:

Im having the same issue with losing my flame when cooking with the lid on.

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