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In this video, we check out the Lynx Professional Gas grill line. We take a close look at the 36 inch Lynx Professional and all of its innovative features! Click the link below to find out more or visit us at

Lynx Professional Gas grills available here:

Chef Tony Page:


0211Josie says:

i want your job

Steve Schultz says:

Hey Tony, really appreciate your reviews and cooking vids, thanks!  I’ve been contemplating for quite a while between the Lynx 30″ Prof, Blaze Prof, and DCS 36″.  Which is your favorite?  If you got the Lynx, would you get both burners ProSear or one of each?  Thanks again.

Black Jack Shellack says:

This grill seems to have a lot of similarities tithe blaze pro grill. The h burners look like they were cast from the same mold as blaze pro, just with a different material. The led lights on the front also look too similar.

fabforce1 says:

Nice looking Q. It seems that the infra red burners were not burning evenly. In the vid you can see that the burners were a different color near the back and sides…hotter….the center burner seemed to be cooler the whole length along with that little piece that crossed up front. As for the propane holder, at the price of this Q, I want a pull out tray that I can put the propane tank on and not have to stick my head in there to hook it up.
Just a couple minor things that at the price point should not be there.
This is the first time I have something bad to say about any of your vids but if I were to trade in some buttons and banana’s for a grill such as this one at the price it’s being sold, I don’t want any inconsistencies in the burners especially.



Excellent review of a fine grill Tony. Thanks!! says:

+fabforceone The burner looking that way has a lot to do with the way infrared shoots on video, it is tough with that metal mesh to get a shot where it looks the same color across it.  I was really impressed with the evenness when I fired it up and seared those steaks though!  Good point about the propane slide out tray, that would be a good feature for them to consider adding! 

BigMeat Sunday says:

That is a great looking Grill,  Thanks for the outstanding review.

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