Range Mate Pro Review: Microwave Grilling?

Can you really grill food like steak and chicken in your microwave using the Range Mate Pro? I put it to the test with several different types of food and the results were surprising.

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Conor Chin says:

Can’t trust a man who eats steak well done…

Lex The Lion says:

That’s not grilled chicken. That’s steamed chicken.

Aaron Hawkins says:

I just got that (or a very similar) microwave a few weeks ago. What do you think of it?

Ricky 18 says:

Idk how this is a time saver .. but if you don’t have a stove it’ll work i guess

Matt Carandang says:

I’m living for the first outfit. The shades, hat and black shirt YAS

Judi McRae says:

If you buy it directly from RangeMate (not Amazon) you can get it for 3 payments of $19.98

timska says:

Steamed hams

Lex The Lion says:

That’s not grilled pizza. That’s semi steamed and microwaved Pizza.

ThisAccountWasOnlyMadeToComment says:

Steak was ok

Grill cheese would have been good after 3mins

For chicken 4mins preheat and then 3&3 to cook

Chicken breasts were good

Pizza was gud

Brown rice was good after 25mins

Eggs looks great for me after 1.5 mins cooking

Broccoli was gud after 7mins

Living While We Can says:

1:54 just have a dead, mutilated cow corpse on a plate….. That’s kinda gross

Kayleigh Grindley says:

I love your energy and how thorough you are!! Love this channel, and how fast it’s growing!!

Lex The Lion says:

That’s not a grilled cheese sammich. That’s a steamed cheese sammich.

joe shmo says:

I don’t Believe in microwaves

Defragler says:

Those ikea plates, I rather use a pan to prepare my steak

Lex The Lion says:

Those aren’t grilled eggs. Those are steamed eggs.

dan le says:

great concept, but doesnt the microwaves goes through the lid holes?

Lex The Lion says:

That’s not grilled steak. That’s steamed steak.

Richard Bethancourt says:

that meat has more radiation than hulk

Scott B says:

So with the preheating it takes longer than regular cooking.

xz8 xz8 says:

This is one of the best reviews I’ve ever seen, you are very professional.

The Divine Protector Of Mangos says:

Chicken breast don’t need to be 165. it’s perfectly safe to eat chicken breasts at 140. It’s the dark meat that needs to be at 160-165.

locke cage says:

this is so stupid steak can cook as good for 10 min on a pan without opening a door 3 times preheating

Jorge Pacho says:

Never use forks with Ur steack

notdone123456 says:

Who else instantly thought of jabooty dubs when he pulled out the flipwich?

Brett Mason Media says:

Not in stock and amazon has no idea If or when it will be.

Mohamad Nazry Bin Noordin says:

i want it. but its out of stock. 🙁

Bold Venture says:

Have you used a Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven? Here’s my “review” of ours. https://youtu.be/BTdZ4gcyx4w

ZZH NNI says:

a steak well is for casual steak eaters

jennifer wellman says:

I was wondering what it would do to hamburger, will it keep it shape? But $80 is a lot of money for one product like that. Not sure it’s worth getting.

Ontario Andrews says:

Good review. For things that would take a long time; rice for example. I just don’t think I’d cook rice in a microwave as 22 minutes ….might as well cook it on a stove top. Overall I guess it’s worth it. Maybe not for $80US. 🙂

Terry Ross II says:

I would maybe cut some slits in the steak before cooking it so that it will cook inside as well.

lawson chamblee says:

no preheating required put the oven on broil high place the steaks in a skillet or glass pan 7 minutes each side perfect every time it does not get any easier than that

Conley Collins says:

That steak was done the first time you pulled it out.

ella elise says:

Oh No. People, don’t do it. You’re so much better off using your stove top.

ariel p says:

The Chicken has too much water so it will not grill (Brown) it.
If you want to grill the chicken, just remove the chicken, remove the liquid and pre-heat for 3 min, then put the chicken back.

Joe Gator says:

Should I get one, freakin reviews?

dw1349 says:

does it work with pork ribs

dat boi says:

It would be awesome for a hotel with only mirowaves

Jayson Alcantara says:

dang this thing perfect for heating gyoza hmmm..!!!

Nightwing says:

You needed to let your steak rest if you know anything about cooking…and it would have finished off in a med rare steak even in color all the way threw..i know cause I bought one these and my steaks come out looking like there right off the grill…after a rest period that is.

Andrew's Theories says:

Less of the Rob Halford wanna be on camera please.

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