INSANE GRILL REVIEW – Fire spitting broiler

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michael landry says:

that looks similar to The Beafer, very cool Roel!

Swimming with Sharks says:

1000 bucks,….daammmmm,….way to expensive,…if they can figure out how to lower the price than maybe I would consider buying one.

paulied31 says:

At $1000? No, but infrared technology is becoming more mainstream in cooking (like the Char Broil Big Easy) so hopefully costs will eventually drop.

LeGourmetTV Recipes says:

We just started putting ours through it’s paces! So far the steak, fish, venison… everything has been great – It won’t replace our other grills and BBQ’s, but it’s a great addition.

stripymccatpuss says:

The gas controls are in a wierd place

crazyjd64 says:

1000 bucks?! lol no thanks if 200 bucks i would totally buy it

Heavy Metal Bar-B-Que says:

Hey Bro! Great job on this review! Salamanders are the go to means of cooking in almost all of the
high end restaurants…. because they make great steaks. This is an excellent home version……
but will I buy….. no. A cast iron grate and a propane torch in hand, will work for me. I’m poor,… what can I say. m/

MessengerOfTruth says:

A broiler is only supposed to be the “finishing touches” though, right?  Ovens seem to work perfectly fine for that.  But, if this is specifically steaks and chicken, it might be a good idea.  But, truth be told, its kind the same thing, just flipping the fire.  I guess it has its useages.   Dunno if I’d actually get one since I’m happy with the final product on the grill.  Only time I actually use BROIL is the final touches of my duck breasts I think.  Rarely ever use it.

Rob Metzger says:

Cool little gizmo, but I couldn’t help but wonder what’s in the Dutch Oven??

The Observer says:

“Charcoal barbecue” is the ONLY real flavour of barbecue. Everything else is a compromise. The only time I ise a gas BBQ is during summers when we in Ajstralia have fire restrictions and bans due to fire risk. come winters, and I do woodfire barbecue at least once every week and sometimes twice weekly. Also, I donr get this myrh od searing on very high temp hot grill or flame. A well heated cast iron grill at medium to medium high heat is the way to go otherwise it chars the surface of steak.

Silvia Lauer says:

Awesome , I like fact that the heat comes from the top, and the fat drops down ! I bet this is the best Grill on the market !

Chuck Norris says:

i have buy this grill in cologne by lax-online. It was great to see the model in real life. I would buy a second one, when i have a place for that xD
It is amazing to grill with it and the quality is very good 🙂

Vince Sazio. says:

Haha you joking crazy price…

Eco Butcher says:

I guess it may be more convenient, because of pricing list, to be bought by restaurants. It is not essential at all to be used at home, instead of regular electric or gas stove ovens… in my personal opinion, of course. Greetings Roel…!

David de Roode says:

Nine hundred fifty euro, negenhonderdvijftig euro. I would get a kamado then with grillgrates. This equipment is nice to see but not as versatile as a kamado. Or a gas grill for that matter… 950 euro… Plain out ridiculous.

Wojciech Gierczynski says:

Ok $1200 for grill that bearly fits one steak? I understand it goes up to 900°C but give me a break … its not even that well made. I can make perfect steak on my $699.00 Weber and actually grill 8-10 steaks at ones while cooking other stuff.

Tom Horsman says:

Great Review!

Vaf Fanculo says:

Does anyone have an gas oven and a broiling pan? Turn your broiler on high and place your rack to the highest level. The flames will almost be touching the steak 2 inch filet 3min each side you’ll save $1000.00 your welcome

Manfred Mann says:

silly beefer overprized

ahsteve A says:

I think this is something use more in a industrial environment such as in a restaurant or for those who does catering in a professional level for the masses. For instance if they need to sears their right away and for numerous people.

Florida Outdoor Adventures says:

Very expensive but nice product for sure, great video!

GQue BBQ says:

I was thinking when I first saw it that it Reminds me of a Domestic Salamander then you say it haha! looks like a great product for the home cook. Happy New Year Roel!

01artist says:

Nice Review. Thanks for the share

Mark Henderson says:

Let’s see you do a ribeye on that thing!! I’d like to see what kind of grill marks if makes.

0815BBQ says:

Nice review!

The BBQ Jerk says:

I’m from Texas. My steaks are all done over mesquite wood. No gas for me thanks…

Smoking B's BBQ says:

Really great review it makes the OFB a very interesting alternative to a Beefer the price is the only thing that makes me a bit worried if it is worth it.

Chris91575 says:

Great review, interesting Beefer competitor at a similar price level. But usable for two pieces of meat at the same time….

Joe Ees says:

I like the idea, but at the price point I can get a better sear on cast iron (it will have a better heat distribution than a gas burner) and have enough for a nice trip or a new Green Egg .

Black Eagle says:

i never grilled with the O.F.B. but this are my first choice when i buy a grill like this
it is better than the beefer you got two burners seperated controlled, this feature ist only at the big beefer for gastro using

if i has change to use this gadet i will use it

Cookin with SurfinSapo says:

Awesome Review bro!!! I have a infrared Grill…. I wouldn’t buy it… But I have too many Stuff already!!!! Steaks , Chicken, Fish taste better with some wood smoke infused…

Sous Vide Everything says:

Very nice review. Thinking about getting for my channel. Need to sear things in super high heat as you know. Question. What slider are you using for your insane shots?

Catalin Simina says:

your fucking accent drives me nuts

Magician12345 says:

oh god no. yeah it is very cool and in general i’d like to have it but i do not have that kind of money.

julian73de says:

Looks great

Cremantus says:

Great review, Roel. Putting the things to the test is always worth the efforts… Best regards, Tilo

Big Papi says:

It’s a pretty good item if you want to Pittsburgh a steak but I’m thinking there aren’t a lot of other uses. Maybe to caramelize creme brûlée or brown a coquille st Jacques. The regular broiler I have in the Thermador oven works pretty good for most applications. Pretty cool unit for the hipster cook.

Painter Dood says:

This is great if you have money to BURN!

AJ says:

nice review. but I’m more interested in what is in the Dutch oven 😉

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