Nexgrill Stainless Steel Table Top 2 Burner Propane Grill

This is a close look at the Nexgrill 2 Burner Table Top Propane Grill. I give a detailed look at the construction, talk about the features and materials it is made from, mention the lack of a feature, and talk about who this device might be good for and a few circumstances where this device is just plain perfect. Over all, this is a very positive review, and I am completely willing to give this 184 sq in cooking surface portable, tabletop propane grill from Nexgrill one of my highest recommendations. This is an excellent device. In fact, I like it a lot better than similar offerings from Magic Chef, Coleman, and Weber.

As pointed out in the comments below, I neglected to include the footprint of the legs when deployed. When extended, the legs sit 22″ wide and are 14 1/4″ long.

You can find the Nexgrill 2 burner table top propane cooking grill at Home Depot:

Home Depot:
Model # 820-0033
Internet # 206023898
Store SKU # 1001356417

If home depot is out of stock or can’t/won’t ship to you, the Nexgrill 2 burner tabletop can also be found on Amazon but the price is usually higher



I own this grill too and I love it! I took it to the lower Illinois river in Oklahoma / Mountain fork by beavers bend and it worked awesome! I paid $120.00 at Home Depot that’s because I got the extra warranty. Anyways we cooked burgers, Fajitas, sliced ribs, Hot dogs, corn and grill cheese sandwich. I tried putting foil paper to help with the clean up but it was not a good idea because it was still a little hard to clean either way thats if you like to keep it clean for the next time you use it. I still don’t know what’s with the chain with a wire on the right side close to the propane line that comes out on the right side but I hope to figure it out soon. Oh and before I forget don’t take the grill back because of the handle lol. I don’t know why but the handle is off set like one arm is a little longer than the other side. After all its an awesome little portable grill.

killahyj says:

Does this give you the BBQ taste? I seen this cheap in Costco UK at £84.00. Does this also come with a hose and regulator and does it take propane and butane? thanks

Casey J says:

Thanks for this review. Just wondering if you think it could be used as the occasional ‘side burner’ / stove? I’ve seen the larger BBQs with the side burner but not sure how often I would use it to justify the high upsale price. If I could use this to occasionally place a pot on it I could kill two birds with one stone and use this along with my charcoal BBQ. Yes of course, I would be using it as a grill too! lol What do you think?

Dayan P says:

awsom video. thanks.

A10TOES says:

Nice looking grill but the legs look wobbly and cheap. Thats a turn off for me.

Zach Stevenson says:

Great review! How has the grill held up since you first used it?

Msilverhammer says:

Thanks for the review.

I watched something recently that you may be interested in viewing.

Somewhat expensive, but when you watch the review, which is extensive, and revealing, you will see why!

America’s Test Kitchen

Equipment Review: Best Gas Grills Under $500

Jose Garcia says:

Hello I just bought this item from Costco, but the pieces for the inside where black. Is that normal

r77556 says:

Thanks for the review! Fair, balanced, thorough and helped me make my decision.

Total Access Reviews says:

Nice review. Thanks for sharing.

Bulat Murzakhanov says:

Great video! I would definitely watch another one, “how to clean it” detailed video

phoenixtoohot says:

Thank you for this great video. I was about to purchase the Coleman Roadtrip, which is a fine grill, but love this one because it’s more compact, has two burners, is all stainless steel, has a large drip tray and allows lid down cooking as well as indirect. Got it at Home Depot for $99. Thanks again.

Tu Dao says:

Thanks so much for your review. Can you please tell me if I can use one of those small portable propane for this BBQ? The propane is usually sold for around $5 each. I wonder if it is enough to power this.

J Martinez says:

Nice vid. Well explained. Did not noticed it last 18plus minutes. Thanks.

Chuck Helin says:

Great video! I have purchased this very model after using my neighbors! I have many years experience with cooking & BBQ. Back in 2010 I decided to buy the biggest Charbroil Commercial series grill that they had to offer. Now don’t get me wrong…..I loved that grill but after having one of these NexGrills, I will never buy another large 3 or 4 burner grill again. The engineering, quality & value this grill offers for $100 cannot be beat! Go ahead and spend more for your ‘brand name” portable grill…..I will tell you that you foolishly wasted your money!

Jacob Cárdenas says:

What is the other brand that these may go by again?

Vinny Romero says:

Picked this up today, my complex does not allow grills to be stored on the balcony and wanted something i could stash in the storage closet. Originally planned on something cheaper, but after seeing this, and the reviews, def alot of bang for your buck. A google search shows after market lid thermometers, requiring you to drill a hole. Any thoughts on that, over the ones you suggested?

Corey Claiborne says:

Great video…you sure you don’t work for Nextgrill?? LOL but I’m sold I’m gonna head out and pick this grill up just because your video was so Informative. THANKS

Nerissa-Marisol Rivers-Lawrence says:

Great info Thanks for a good video!

Nicole Loran says:

THANKS ! I was shopping at Home Depot for a small portable grill and saw this one. I loved it, but said OK, lets see what the Internet has to say when I found your video …
I will be buying one tomorrow because of your great video … Thank You …

Mark Hoffman says:

I just finally broke down and purchased mine at Costco. Thank you for this review. I payed $99 for mine. I wish it came with a cover. I’m living at my little hose on a lake and want to keep Mitchell out side. I’m cooking ribeyes on it this weekend. Great Review. Thx

CallMe Bruce says:

I had a cuisinart just a little bit bigger than the nexgrill. It was too heavy to be portable and one of the valves quit working in about 6 months of cooking on it twice a week. Then I got the coleman that has one burner that goes all the way across left to right. Where the burner connects to the gas input is some sort of pot metal. It rusted out in less than a year. I decided to find a higher quality table top and I’ve narrowed it down to the nexgrill or the charbroil. Thanks for the look inside the nexgrill. I wasn’t sure if it was stainless through and through. The charbroil is porcelain coated tin. I think the nexgrill one is worth the $10 more.

ed peterson says:

Excelent video, one thing i would like to ask, hope you can answer me back, that would be aprecciate, i would like to hook it up to the main propane gas line not to a little 20 pound gas tank, should i remove the regulator to use only with the one the main gas line has? what is your suggestion? thanks

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