Legacy Charcoal Grill – 2190 Review and modification

I purchase this Grill from Lowes after looking for a charcoal grill. In this video I will show you the grill and the modifications I added to help retain the heat. If you have better ideas for retaining heat or have any questions please post in the comments below. Thanks for viewing the video. 🙂

LavaLock 12 GREY High Performance BBQ gasket smoker
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Fireblack HALFBBQ smoker Gasket Self Stick15 ft High Heat
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Legacy Char Griller
– https://www.chargriller.com/legacy-charcoal-grill-2190

Aluminium Tape
– http://amzn.to/2sGT5S7


Michael L says:

Great job on the video and thank you for taking the time to show the air leak issue. I have been up in the air on this one. From what I have seen, pretty much everyone on the Lowes review site have given it a 5-star. However, there was one guy who gave it only a 2-star. He claimed exactly what you were saying about the air leaks. He said as a result, he was not able to maintain the 225 temp in order to season it the BBQ. He said because of the holes he had to keep opening and closing the lid in order to maintain the 225 as per the instructions. Well, too bad he didn’t see your video showing the mods. Your mods look like a quick fix that anyone can do, but too bad the manufacture didn’t address these issues so you wouldn’t have to be messing with it. It’s probably just poor quality control where the main parts together. More then likely they just slap these things together in mass. That’s pretty much with all BBQ’s they just put them together with their eyes closed, Once again thanks for the quick fix video.

Michael L says:

Took it back too many leaks. Buyers shouldn’t have to plug up all the vent leaks resulting in many modifications. This reflects on their poor workmanship.

Ronald DeGraw says:

Thanks for the review – was looking at this at Lowes and noticed the various holes and wondered how they would affect the temp control – You’ve shown that they will need to be plugged. Debating between this and the Weber 26″ this will help me with my decision.

Louis Alvarez says:

Thank you so much boss! I have this exact same grill and will be doing the modifications you did. Thanks again

Shawn Salamida says:

Great video. I purchased the Master Forge charcoal grill from Lowes 3 years ago and it had the exact same issues. I found a video similar to this one telling me to use wood burning stove gaskets to seal the gaps, so I did and I got tons of great use out of it. I wore it out using it 2-3x per week, so am on the market for a new one. This one is very, very similar (adjustable charcoal tray, large surface, front access door, removable ash tray, etc.), and it looks like with similar mods it will do the trick. Thanks!

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