Kamado Grill Review: Kamado Joe Vs Grill Dome Comparison of Kamado Style Outdoor Grills

Kamado Grill Review

Chad Harris from TheGardenGates.com gives you a kamado grill review comparison of the Kamado Joe Ceramic Outdoor Grill and the Grill Dome Kamado Style Outdoor Grill. Gives you the pro’s and con’s of each. To learn more about the Kamado Style Grills go here. https://www.thegardengates.com/collections/grills


mike force says:

what are the prices? you don’t think that’s relevant? c’mon guy….

mike force says:

you spend an inordinate amt of time on color. what loser desires form OVER function. It appears many today.

Glenn Watson says:

The Grill Dome grill is ceramic coated, whereas the grill for the Kamado is steel; at 750 degrees, the ceramic grill works quite well when searing steaks.  The body the Grill Dome is thicker, and in my experience, hold the heat for a longer period.  The bottom metal vent cover is irrelevant as to quality; airflow is crucial, and a vented cover reduces airflow. The temperature gauge is adequate, and it doesn’t matter if one is more secure than the other-again, a distinction without a difference.  The build quality of the Grill Dome is superior, the customer service department is excellent, and while similar, the Grill Dome is superior.

benjsuth says:

Thanks Chad, I think you have made my decision easier.

rommell83 says:

I believe the grill dome is superior due to a greater ceramic thickness and the stainless hinge and bands. The komado joe has a stainless grill, but it is also available now with the grill dome. The komado joe does not have stainless hinge and bands. To me the body of the ceramic grill is most important. With some the cart and other gimmicky items make the komado joe more desirable.

benjsuth says:

Do you have a preference of one or the other? Is there more room inside one or the other for large items such as turkeys?

Sjoerd Venema says:

Something wrong with your cam or cam settings. Might want to sort this out..

SicnarfGhost says:

Strange. The image move just like a water filter was apply. First time I saw this effect


They are both great cookers and will cook as good as the other. I like the daisy wheel on the Joe (use it every cook) and the spark screen on the lower vent (lit embers do come out sometimes making a possible fire hazard if you’re not using it). It comes with side table and some accessories. It’s just a better bang for your buck. Only reason to get the Dome is if you like the mirror finish better and don’t care about accessories.  Cooking wise, one is not better than the other.

Benjamin Sell says:

I wouldn’t buy another ceramic cooker unless I had a dealer nearby. As a grill dome owner, I can tell you that having to pay for the shipping of replacement parts is really expensive. Adding to the financial piece, the act of getting warranty service through grill dome has been a pita. When the paint started bubbling and coming off the owner promised to send me touch up paint (which he didnt), then later suggested that I take it to an automotive shop to have it professionally sprayed. On top of the cracked rings, fireboxes, grates, etc, it hasnt been worth it.

mick bobin says:

Would of been a good video if it wasn’t for the noise from the fountain in the background.

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