Is this the best gas grill money can buy? NAPOLEON PRESTIGE PRO 500 – Gas Grill Review


More details on the Napoleon Prestige Pro 500

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Eduard says:

Nice Gasgrill , hope we see more grill video next time !
Napoleon build high quality Grills .
This grill I think are good for my big Family .

Geert Wilders says:

from wich country do you come from?

Zain H says:

ultimate dude grill toy !.

madrizz01 says:

great review. after doing homework on this grill and others i always came back to this video. I purchased this exact grill few days ago. thanks to this review/video:)

Terry Lyle says:

Once I found the price, I have to admit I will never know. But a great review and…a little bit of “grill envy” on my part. Love your videos though!

The Backyard BBQ Show - BBQFOOD4U says:

Awesome review my man!
I can’t believe how weak Napoleon is here is Canada.

iWaterWizard says:

Pitmaster, on every review of a BBQ or Grill, you should (must) cover the grill with pieces of white bread – then as you run the grill you can peek and see how even the heat is and show it on the video. Would be good to know how even the heat is across the entire grill surface. Napoleon seems to be the best grill I have seen, I think it might be better to Weber, but I dunno. My 17 year-old Weber grill finally had some rust out near the bottom grease catcher, so I am in the market for a replacement. Napoleon does look good

Cremantus says:

What the heck… that is for sure a mean machine… strrrrrike… thx for introducing. I like it. Cheers, bro.

Nikita Ind says:

Mc Chouffe beer ? :p

BigMeat Sunday says:

Hell yea ! They have my vote, I love my 825 Pro! and I thought my Viking was the best, but napoleon blows it away!

Raul Gonzalez says:

Does it have the charcoal tray option like the other one?

joey b says:

Wow – looks very nice. Like the heavy idy

Raul Gonzalez says:

That’s one thing weber gassers don’t offer to my knowledge

norm lor says:

I really liked this video and this BBQ sadly it’s way out of my range and needs. for Grills it’s the Cadillac of grills

Sascha Piel says:

I would love to have one, really like what you get for the Money compared to other Brands. We are using two LE3 for Caterings and the wheels are really the first Thing to replace! Hope you have a lot of fun with it and it lasts for a Long time.

Graf Zeppelin says:

i have one in my garden, ooooh Lord this grill is amazing!!! greatinx from Austria 🙂

hendrixexperiencedig says:

buying a gas grill is the equivalent of buying a diesel sports car. says:

Mmm that rotiss footage is making me hungry!

Raul Gonzalez says:


Black Eagle says:

Looks very massiv and solid
what´s about the lights inside the grill?
can you take off the glases to clean it up after few turns of smoking with the grill

Carlton Sparks says:

Looking to get one

papyrifer says:

Thanks for the review! The BBQ looks great. After using it for a while now, can you comment on how evenly the heat is distributed? The only thing holding me back from getting one is the opinion “the grill still runs hotter toward the back” in the Amazing Ribs review at . Did you notice that as well, or does the heat seem to be evenly distributed in your experience?

sakimano says:

you can have the lights and the rotisserie working at the same time. There’s a plug on the back and it’s own built in powerbar.

It’s way down on the bottom at the back right (looking from behind). That’s how mine is anyway.


PA2002 says:

Hi Pit-master…thanks for the review! I am considering the Napoleon Rogue 425 Freestanding Propane Gas Grill With Infrared Side Burner…its a 3 burner model and looks really nice. Do you have any feedback on this model?
Also, whats with the wave pattern grates…is that just for looks or does it actually do something?

Rm Carr says:

great review, i bought a pro 825 and i am still learning how to use it… i am used to smoking/cooking on a hasty bake gourmet… i wanted this so i could cook something quickly after work or while i was doing a 13 hour smoke on some pork butt…

lalos says:

it also costs 1200e.. … give me a break, its too much

Grill & Chill / BBQ & Lifestyle says:

I am also happy owner and am still thrilled.Cheers Bro

Vincenzos Plate says:

I grill mainly on charcoal but If I cook on a gas grill I would love this ones

BBQ Klaus says:

Very nice grill. Good quality. I can imagine to buy it.

michael landry says:


Busta Mike says:

Good looking “Porchetta Machine”!

Geert Wilders says:

ik heb de napoleon lex 485 gekocht en nu is mijn vraag klopt het dat de sizzel zone overdag niet rood wordt. ik vraag me dit af omdat op alle video’s de sizzel zone vel rood is en de verkoper hier geen antwoord op kon geven. alvast bedankt

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