Grilled burgers and steaks on my Blaze Professional BBQ Grill

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johnfloy says:

Congrats JB, if anyone deserves it’s you my man! Enjoy!

CareyP1972 says:

Another to add to the arsenal. Sweet!

Daddy Cooks says:

Wow, I’m not partial to gas grills but that is a beauty! I am toying with the idea of getting an outdoor kitchen with a gas grill though. That way I can have a different venue to film from just to change things up on occasion.

Pro star says:

omg never thought id see the day iam verry disappointed.. get you a beer and hop on the weber boy what yiu doin with these toys boy

FitAngie says:

New toy! Looks awesome JB and love the food.

tam dayell says:

just to be clear, is this product placment ? that would be non union boy ! and that smoker box buckels like a 10 dollar hooker.

fshbstrd says:

aint that some non union propane grillin device!

Fishaholic77 says:

question : whats gas consumption for heat like that..same rate of flow?? or is it same as regular 4 burner…

Charlie Briggs says:

O Man ! Please do not start pimping commercials ! That all i see here. Noreen’s kitchen started this shit! I do not watch her videos anymore. She use to be the bomb!

Petrochemtester says:

American engineered – made in China….grrrrr

Garnett M says:

Awesome BBQ Jeff love the light system ,A cast grate is always best I keep my grates for the next set of new burners I end up with just in case lol .

Viva Jalapeno says:

$1,500.00 dollars for that grill??? Did you need another grill? No. How many of your subscribers can afford that grill? This is getting out of hand.

Chris W says:

That grill is a beast, great purchase JB and like you said your grandkids kids will even be using that sumbitch and for the price you get what you pay for a high quality product that will last forever. I think the price is a bit steep but then again thats not a bargain grill from wally world there thats a pro commercial line grill. Looking forward to all the vids coming from you cooking on that bad boy. Over all so far whats your opinion, serious opinion on the grill? Is it worth the cost?

gemfincl says:

Very cool, congrats!

Banter says:

Nice grill. Will it run on Natural gas?
Don’t know much about gassers.

Fritz Diedrichsen says:

Congratz with the new Grill JB – looks awesome!! – Very nice quality material.

Texas Style Cuisine says:

Great review looks like you got a good one.

Fishaholic77 says:

one More thang…. THATS NOT…… NON-UNION grill there… LMAO

hgkhk says:

frozen burgers?

Ballistic BBQ says:

Killer grill JB! Looking forward to seeing you break that bad-boy in!

Hocus Smokus says:

That’s like cookin at Toys r us JB!!

Southern Coastal Cooking ™ says:

WOW WEE buddy that grill is something else, I have never seen such heavy duty burners

Jim Cash. says:

JB…… Keep me in mind if ya ever out grow that baby….She is a beaut Clark. I seen the web sight, yikes $$$. But you do live where ya can grill all year long. ;-( I had a grill that lasted 8–10 years . until shit broke and could not find parts for it. Dmm I miss that grill.

keith bettag says:

hey boy,,,,luvly little new toy u got there—-i know how good they cook,,,chef tony did some steaks for us last year,,,,terry swears it was the best she ever had,,,,,but i got a question for you—-with as much btu’s they put out,,,,does that mean that bottle of gas is gonna run out a lot quicker,,,jus sumthin i been thinkin about wit these grills,,,,i know they gotta be lot more efficient—-jus askin ur opinion on this

BigMeat Sunday says:

All the Blaze accessories and grills are the bomb, you are going to enjoy that for a long time man, Id be lying if I didnt admit i was envious! enjoy that bad boy! says:

Glad to see you are breaking it in JB! Many years of delicious food to come on that beast!

doublejbbq says:

got yourself a fine grill there JB

Everett Hooker says:

that is one hell of a grill now it’s time for me to go to their website

Duarte G. says:

whats on your cap?

Mark LaFerney says:

What a grill…nice.  Also loved the music.

bushmaniacishere says:

DAMNIT BOY !!!!!!!

JoeyBooey says:

sweeet I don’t cook much on propane but that thing looks solid

Michael Hamlin says:

Very nice grill indeed!

Tom's Test Kitchen says:

Dang JB, there isn’t anything about that Blaze grill I don’t like. If I hadn’t purchased a Saber IR grill last year I would definitely be getting one of these. Can’t wait to check them all out at this year’s Spring Fling!

DirtyDirtFarm Homestead says:

Dayam, that sure is a sweet grill.

Jelly Bryce says:

looking forward to the rotisserie vids.

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