George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill Review

Get George Foreman indoor/outdoor grill on Amazon Prime
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Mine came with cover. Yours may not. Be sure to check


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Dave jarosiewicz says:

Funny, just get a cast iron griddle for your stovetop

Fruitty Fritters says:

I really don’t think it good for inside!

MGTOW And Jubilant says:

Well as an avid charcoal man this seems legit….if it can do a 3 lb Chuck it can do a 12 Oz Rib Eye; I’m about to grill my rib eyes and chicken today with my new George Foreman grill. Wish me luck!!

BigJuicy328 says:

thanks for sharing i was just looking at this at walmart …made up my decision so im going back for it

Mike burp says:

making hamburgers before having the george froman girll was a night mare i love the george foreman grill im a honkey i live off the tax payers i bought the grill with tax payers money

Bill B. says:

Did you really have issues putting this thing together? Come on now. It was a few screws and snapping a few legs into place. LOL

District Terps says:

Just got mine on amazon thanks

Cowboy Smiley says:

this is a griddle NOT a grill ………………….

BBBYpsi says:

Thanks for this review. I might have to get this now.

Cherida Bolland says:

It’s perfect for apartment. You get to grill outside. I love it

BlueBoy says:

I have a normal George F grill

Torrie Davis says:

Meat not done

TheLordstrider says:

how is the none stick surface? did it last?

watchful news says:

Had it since 2002 great review bro the peaces and everything thought it was me all over again.

Freddie Slaughter says:

Have you tried the Sanyo electric grill

Badger's Game Room says:

I have had mine for two years. I use it indoors and outdoors and I love it. Best part is the cleaning is super easy

MrRogerjowens says:

Cleaning doesn’t seem to be as easy as he made it look, it has to get rinsed of at some point, how is that done

sly06002 says:

If this is sponsored you need to disclose it

Amalgam X says:

I just got one of these today from my local Habitat for Humanity for only $25!!!!

All it needed was a quick cleaning and we were good to go.

rob farnsworth says:

I have had this product for 4 yrs.. I won`t give it a 10 but it is a durable unit that does what it says. You don`t get the smoky charcoal taste but it cooks quite well. I would say try it and decide for yourself. You won`t hate it. Not too bad to clean after many uses……..

Studa Baker says:

One of the most impractical think for a kitchen. Sorry, but it’s true. Good for outside, horrible for inside.

Bill B. says:

This grill is definitely more practical to use outdoors than indoors in my opinion. Stick to the smaller countertop Foreman grills if you don’t have the option of cooking outdoors.

heydavewhite says:

Yeah, eat that salmonella steak.

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