DCS Grills – Gas Grilling Test

Chef Tony takes the DCS 48 inch stainless steel gas grill through his favorite tests and brings you in close, so you can decide the outcome for yourself. Chef begins by grilling up hamburgers alone on the DCS and follows with two ribeye steaks; which he sears alone to demonstrate DCS’s ultimate searing action. This test ends with a tried and true favorite, the pizza grilling test.



BBQGuys.com says:

Good call John, in this particular test we were just looking at the evenness of the burner, flame tamer configuration. It’s nice to know somebody is really watching our videos!

BBQGuys.com says:

Steaks, the knobs are all on high. For burgers, medium high, and pizza is medium to medium high heat if using homemade thawed thin crust dough. If you are using a thicker crust, go low temp so the bottom doesn’t burn up fast.

fghiehd korinf; says:

I own a DCS and it has many many faults and without modification it will remain a sub-par outdoors cooking grill. Recommendations include removing the favor enhancement rods that vaporize the fats that weep from the cook meats and which then are re-deposited on the surfaces of what is being grilled.  Fats or cooking oils that are over heated  become carcinogenic  and do not add favoring to foods. Removing the rods and replacing with  lava rock may require the installation of a grate to which hold the stones.  I idea here is lessen the vaporization of the drippings either by absorption in lava rock or to drip beyond the fame source. Second recommendation – level the grates it isn’t necessary to divert the weepings of what is cook if the grill is modified as suggested.  Also exchange the grates so they are flat and wide without curves this helps the weepings remain with the grilled item.  Finally if you cook with propane think about change to natural gas if possible as the favoring NG adds to grill foods is negligible. 

barko Gt says:

From what I see in this test, All control knobs set in the upright position meaning all burners are shut off— It would have been nice to see what position the control knobs where set during sear test.

Tee PrettyAsz says:

John that meat doesn’t look like it’s cooked (salmonella!!!) even though it’s beef it just doesn’t look tasty. Nice grill though.

john Fergclfl says:

uhh, are you aware you placed the pizza on the wrong side?

uvyas76 says:

Hi Chef, can you elaborate on the grill settings with the pizza?  What was the heat setting and cook time duration?  Thank you.

john Fergclfl says:

I was joking ;(
I’ll give you the benefit of doubt that you wouldn’t normally place a pizza face down!

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