Camp Chef flat top grill FTG900 Product Review

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Camp chef flat top grill FTG900:
Camp chef flat top grill FTG600:
Camp chef griddle cover FTG900:
Camp chef griddle cover FTG600:
Camp Chef 2 piece tool kit:


sarrel48 says:

Thank for the review your input on the good,bad and no so good will help me in choosing my flat top griddle

J Brooks says:

I took a drill and drilled the hole out bigger on my camp chef, it made a big difference in how it drained.

CamperTony says:

Great magic trick at the end. Grey dog turns black!

Keep the outstanding reviews coming man. Great work!

Kevin Zeringue says:

I just received my new griddle and the bubble wrap that was around the griddle top was stuck to the griddle surface. successfully peeled it off but now the surface has bubble wrap imprinted on it. i am sure it will come off with the initial cleaning. problem is that i am not quite sure how to go about doing an initial cleaning before cooking for the first time. any directions on how to do an initial cleaning would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advanced.

LiftBigEatBigVideo says:

I dig it

TheSgt93 says:

Excellent review; sold! Thanks.

Jacklyn Bantam says:

Trying to between the 600 and 900. We have a family of 6 and entertain often so I am leaning towards the 900, but fear it will be to big. What are your thoughts on if the 600 will work?

Chadd Fry says:

I also have the 900, but I’m not happy with the performance of the unit. I agree that it is over priced, and it comes with less components than the 600. Have you noticed how hot the unit cooks? I only use the low setting, and it still gets too hot. As you noted at the 9 minute mark, the 900 doesn’t have heat shields or grates, and I believe the griddle is too close to the flames. I have used a surface thermometer and on low it reaches mid 400 F, and 600 F on med. Have you noticed this? Can you do a video using a surface thermometer to show how hot the unit gets? I have contacted Camp Chef about the issue, and they said they would let thier engineers know about it, but I haven’t heard anything.

Nasir Ahmed says:

Tony i have same problem about hole,I have ftg 600 griddle. i bought month ago.i use at home only. I am chef myself i cook everyday in my restaurant with commercial griddle so i know the problem. Camp chef should make hole bigger and add a pipe so can bend in the grease pan. Make the drain 21/2″ to 3″ square and deep and slanted towards to the grease pan. so easy to clean with metal spatula.

Joseph Ortega says:

you mentioned this is cold rolled steel…. I’m pretty sure this is cast iron.

Joaquin says:

Thanks for the informative video, I just started researching for a good flat top griddled. I have a Camp Chef two burner portable stove which I really like and unused frequently.

Raymond Avila says:

Gotta love the 900, i took some 3/4 in copper and extended the drain to a coffee can on the bottom shelf also made a aluminum cover for the top

samuel sung says:

Thanks for another great review! I am debating on the Blackstone 36″ #1554 and the Camp Chef FTG600. I would like to get the Camp Chef but I can’t seem to find it locally, only the Blackstone. I think i would be happy with either one but In your opinion is the Camp Chef worth the wait in ordering it?

chris smith says:

@tonybuddy123 – i can’t decide between 4 burner blackstone, camp chef, & blue rhino. Which one would you recommend? I am leaning towards the camp chef..after your last video on the newest model of the blackstone. In the same video you had mentioned the blue rhino which i have seen, but not many reviews are out there for it.

Anthony Cusaac says:

Thank you for a great review. I’m thinking about getting this model. I would love for you to do a actual cooking video on this massive grill. Please do one.

Nick Brady says:

Unfortunately after cooking twice on my 4 Burner CF, whatever they use to pre season the grill starting flaking and coming off in big layers on several areas of the grill . They say they are sending out another top but are back ordered for 3 weeks ….. hoping this was just a fluke . Like I said I only used it twice and I use canola oil so shouldn’t have been an issue .

Wendy Clark says:

Maybe wearing an apron would help with the shirt staining issue?

MeatCranium BBQ AND REVIEW says:

I have the FT600 coming in today. I am going to be making an unboxing video. I thank you for sharing

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