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Introducing the Blaze Cast Aluminum Kamado Grill! This is the first Aluminum Kamado Grill on the market, delivering excellent heat retention as well as durability! Watch along as we look at all the features that make this grill an industry game changer.
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Full Description:
– Blaze Kamado offers a best in class Lifetime warranty inside and out
– First ever solid cast aluminum construction offers superior durability and outstanding temperature control
– Unique tongue and groove design provides an exceptional seal with no heat loss
– Cast molded exhaust cap allows for precise heat control without the risk of slipping out of position
– Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel hinge with lid assist for easy opening
Introducing a tough kamado grill designed to provide a lifetime of performance and memories. Made from one inch thick solid cast aluminum, the Blaze Kamado offers superior durability and outstanding temperature control. The non-porous grill body allows you to use any type of charcoal or wood, as well as any material for lighting the charcoal without worry of damaging or absorbing into the grill body. The heavy-duty 12mm hexagon, 304 stainless steel cooking grate retains heat and helps you achieve an excellent sear. The 20-inch diameter cooking grate is hinged on both sides so you can easily add wood or charcoal without completely removing the cooking surface. A mid-level 18-inch cooking grate is also included which allows you to cook closer to the fire, add a drip pan or a heat deflector for indirect cooking. The lid hinge is made from 304 grade stainless steel and features a convenient lift assist for easy opening and closing. The Blaze Kamado grill also boasts an innovative lid seal that is superior to ceramic kamado-style grills. Instead of using a felt gasket, the cast aluminum Blaze Kamado utilizes a tongue and groove seal. This design eliminates the need to replace a damaged gasket and also provides an exceptional seal that prevents heat from escaping. The top exhaust vent is made from molded cast aluminum for precise heat control without the risk slipping out of position. The bottom of the firebox holds a removable stainless steel ash pan with handles for easy cleanup. A large temperature gauge with markings for smoking, roasting and searing temperatures is mounted in the lid, allowing you to easily monitor cooking temperatures. The grill also includes cast aluminum feet so you can safely stabilize it in your outdoor kitchen island.

Filmed/Produced by: Paris Frederick


Jacat45 says:

Hey Tony, just ordered the Blaze Kamado! Can’t wait to get it. Is it as insulated as a ceramic kamado not having a charcoal fire box and fire ring? Meaning the Blaze Kamado is 1 inch thick or so around the whole cooker with no fire box or fire ring. Thanks

Vladimir Goncharenko says:

If I am to smoke a brisket and it starts raining. Would that be an issue?

Joseph Smith says:

I’m big on products that are built with durability in mind. Nothing worse than paying big $$$ for a product only to have it breakdown so soon or for a small reason. I have been waiting on something like this and I am finally convinced to now go and purchase a Kamado style grill. I have watched, read and heard of the horror stories of people loosing their precious Kamado style grill bc they or someone near them accidentally “bumped” it and watched as $800.00 or more went crashing to the ground. Granted a proper mounting would have saved them, but we all know not everyone does that. Thanks BBQguys I’m getting one soon!!!

Lonnie Villarreal says:


Smoky Ribs BBQ & Southern Cuisine says:

I have two different Kamado grills from two different manufactures and this one beats them both hands down! Wow, that thing is super slick looking and well thought out! I love the fact that it doesn’t have a gasket but a permanent tongue & groove set up instead. Just changed the gasket last weekend on my KJ for the second time in 4 years, and it’s a bit of a pain for sure! Looks like this Blaze kamado cooks every bit as good as it looks! Thanks Tony!

Jacat45 says:

Hi Tony, will be making any cooking comparison vids with the Blaze Kamado?

Barbiekuh Westerland says:

If you use something that is sour like lemons perhaps there is a problem

Vladimir Goncharenko says:

hey Tony,
please do a comparison video of kamado joe vs blaze. pros and cons.

Carlos G says:

1800 bucks? Picking up a green egg

BensBQ says:

What a fantastic Kamado! Great review!

Jacat45 says:

Hi Tony, when smoking do you light the coals and set top and lower vents to 250 and let it warm up slowly or do you keep the vents open and start dialing them back as it gets closer to target temp. Thanks

The Backyard BBQ Show - BBQFOOD4U says:

Now that’s a wicked cooker.
Changing the kamado game.

Mountain Dreaming says:

How does this compare to the Caliber all Stainless kamado you guys also sell?

Jamaa L says:

1:28 nooooooooooo

BigMeat Sunday says:

Im Calling the man NOW… I need this ! ! !

rick carr says:

I’ll wait until Costco GETS them IN

White Thunder BBQ says:

That thing looks awesome Tony. Maybe one day lol

Danny Cole says:

The review as really just a product overview and frankly, I was disappointed. I was hoping for an actual review after use with comparisons to traditional ceramic Kamados available on the market.

AJ says:

Very soft metal. Extreme chemical reaction between food and aluminum. “All Vegetables cooked in Aluminum produce hydroxide poison which neutralizes digestive juices, producing stomach and gastrointestinal trouble, such as stomach ulcers and colitis.” Dr. A. McGuigan’s Report on Findings for the Federal Trade Comm. In Docet Case No. 540 Washington, D.C. Note: The sale of aluminum cookware is prohibited in Germany, France, Belgium, Gr. Britain Switzerland, Hungary and Brazil.

scarmenl says:

You know that is probably the worst idea ever! Aluminum around food is bad period!

nathan rubio says:

Nice but way out of my price range at $2,000 or more depending on shipping.

Good idea tho.

Baby Back Maniac says:

I’m really interested in this but after reading about aluminum I’m wondering if it can melt if you run it with vents wide open…particular with some sort of heat defector in place like with a pizza cook. Have you guys attempted this? It seems like a strange question to ask, but all my other questions were already answered which was “have you attempted to drop it off a loading dock?” and “Have you blown it up with Tannerite?” lol.

Serious question though.

Rusty KC says:

wowwy! hey so can you not rake the ashes out of the bottom like other komados? it looked like there was a significant lip where you couldn’t just rake the ashes out? thanks for the review! oh hey, does the outside of the blaze get as hot as other komados since it’s aluminum?

Scott Roberts says:

Hey, as always great videos! I have a few folks over at Kamado Guru that wonder how hot the kamado will get on the outside, and if it retains heat, why should they consider buying one over traditional kamado’s can you please address that?!

Charlie Wood says:

I am  going to start saving my pennys today lol that looks great and like you said it would last a lifetime

Tom's Test Kitchen says:

I have to admit, this looks like a really nice Kamado style grill. I really like all of the features, including the rotisserie. Being cast aluminum it’s got to be much lighter than my Grill Dome. Great demo Chef! BTW I saw this video as a pre-roll ad for several videos I’ve watched tonight.

Baby Back Maniac says:

This could be a game changer. Great review, Tony.

Jacat45 says:

Hi Tony I’m getting my Blaze Kamado on Monday. What brand of Lump charcoal was used in this video? Thanks.

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