Blackstone 36 inch grill Review

Excellent investment, We love this grill/Griddle. We bought it off griddle guru with free shipping, I have found it on Amazon for a good price. It works excellent, Not problems and food cooks excellent.

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Marlin Thompson says:

use something to sand the top down get the food off the griddle. Once you get a nice even surface clean it well, and then reclean it just to be sure and get all the tiny fragments that come loose off the griddle. Heat the griddle with all the burners on about half way then use flaxseed or grapeseed oil to start seasoning the top. You’ll hear others using various types of oil, and some may do better than others, however the flax and grapeseed have a higher smoke point than most and from my experience with seasoning cast iron in general the patina holds up much better in the future.

For maintenance after cooking of course clean as you usually would, once you get the top free of food and grease from the cooking, i wash mine down with water and dry with the burners on. I follow up with coconut oil which surprisingly has a very good protective layer between uses. I like the coconut oil because its not sticky as some vegetable oils can be, and its easy to wipe clean for the next time you use the griddle, just reheat, wipe free and your ready to cook.

Richard Shaffer says:

Does igniter take a battery?

Juan Ramirez says:

as far the gap on the griddle if you add the surround table accessory for $99 it will solve your problem with the flame going out

Marlin Thompson says:

I might add that seasoning the griddle the first time, takes several applications to get the top right. Don’t rush it, apply several coasts, let it smoke wipe free of oil, reapply and repeat, this could take 10-15 times initially but after that your good to go.

Sean Ammon says:

Looking to get this as a gift for my parents, would you recommend it?

Max W says:

I’m several months late here but could you do me a solid and explain seasoning to me? I want this thing, but I don’t know how or why to season it. Don’t know how to tell the difference between the surface color I want, and rust. Don’t have any idea how to tell when to re-season it either.

maryghump says:

Why would you do a review if you don’t have it in top shape? I love my Blackstone Griddle and I can tell you like cooking on yours too but you need to take this review off and do another one when you get your griddle in top form.


Does the grease flow into the drip pan properly without making a mess?  Looks a little different from the 28″ grill so I was wondering if you also have the problem?  Thanks

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