Big Green Egg vs. Vision Grill – BATTLE OF THE KAMADOS


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David Poland says:

You Guys had my mouth watering … LoL !!!

roland b says:

Yikes ……. those briskets look tough

Wallysgtr1 says:

Sams Club Shill

Hector J Mises says:

Hey dude. Thanks for posting this video but your meats are way undercooked. The brisket was pink in the middle. And your ribs I could hear how hard your bite was.

YuLost2X says:

lol bs review….

Ruben Rodriguez says:

Are either of them made in the USA?

Marvelous Virginhair says:

Omg that red one is beautiful

Scott Melton says:

Picked up my vision grill at Sam’s today for $299. End of season they are knocking off $200. Looked at the egg and have been using a Akron steel grill. The Akron has been having a lot of problems with temp and I have put new seals on it. Decided for $299 the vision would be my best deal right now. Doing the initial heat right now to get it ready for this weekend!

C J says:

Why do you keep calling it a Kamado it’s a vision grill

PCAPro says:

Funny that Walmart the parent company of Sam’s Club carries his brand of sauces. You know a full disclosure statement would have been nice up front.

Commodorefan64 says:

I’m currently not in the market for a new grill, but I will for sure be giving the Vision Grill a look when I am. Far as Green Egg goes, my brother has one he’s owned for years, brags about it all the time, but I’ll be dammed if I’ll pay that much for one.

Kamado Grilling and BBQ with average Joe. says:

I own a Vision and this video makes me hate it because it’s so bias in favor of the Vision. The tables on the Vision don’t hold up for long, both stands are great. My wheel is about to break off because it can’t rollover expansion joint s in concert. Your view on the grate is bogus, my grate is almost 4 years old and it’s straight with no rust. Come on guys!!! You know the brisket and ribs are not up to temp. I like your videos but I hate this review. Both of these grills are the same thing and yes we do get more bang for our buck with the Vision. Hell my Vision review video is better than this and you have better cameras and following. Next time use the grills a few times and get to know them before you do a VS battle.

Kyle says:

Great video-love the passion!

Ronald Scindle says:

Turkey on a. Green egg

Maverick Williams says:

One thing not mentioned is the fact that BGE stands behind there product and will usually replace anything that goes wrong for free. The cheaper kamado style grills dont offer the same customer service

Eric Shaw says:

all are over priced junk !!! just buy a Weber

C J says:

For me idk it’s to rare the brisket think another hr for me would be good that’s just me though or could be the camera but even the ribs looked funny idk where are y’all from down here in Texas our brisket and ribs don’t look like that

shutsquad says:

Whoever paid for this review, should’ve paid you to finish cooking your meat. Looks terrible!

DixeyNormis says:

That brisket was no where near ready to eat. It was under cooked I know you didn’t have an internal temp of 200 degrees. That took away from the point of testing the grills.

pchop914 says:

I had my egg way before makers started coping BGE! This is my 15 years of owning it! I am not kidding! Only thing I had to replace is the fire lower fire box which was replaced for free and the hight temperature gasket 20 bucks. Not bad for 15 years!!! Let see if these new versions will last that long!!! And did I mention that you can piratically touch the sides of BGE without burning yourself!!!

Oleg Meln says:

Either this guy has no clue what he is doing or the green egg and the vision grill are not worth it. I know it’s different from Treager but dude the ribs, steak, brisket I made on my Treager are very tender, juicy and just perfect. Now that my Treager broke I’m shopping for. New grill/smoker and Big Green Egg is in my line of site or a Rec Tech. But looking at the meat cooked here I think I’ll stick with Rec Tech. Or this guy is an armature……..and yeah definitely biased “review”.

Buddy u just lost a subscriber lol

Nol says:

I can’t bring myself to respect the opinion of someone that installed their egg completely backwards in the nest lol

St. Thomas Drone says:

Talk about crazy bias just to promote the vision grill. I don’t own a Big Green Egg, but for crying out loud do a proper review of each product example touch on quality, warranties etc. It is very clear what you are been paid to push.

simmonsdevin says:

The thermometer on the green egg is a tru tel that is made in the USA and is very accurate. I use one on my grill. The one on the vision grill looks like a cheap piece of junk straight out of a china factory.

Brock bonnett says:

terrible video, visions clearly a knockoff and looks like it lacks quality

OccupyTheFarm says:

Jack god bless you Dr.

Gotta say the main difference and main reason why everything is a night and day difference on, smoke flavor, bark, juice, and smoke rings Lies in the chimney material.

The big green egg is made of aluminum.. I’m looking at this vision grill and it looks like cast iron.

Again, thanks for doing this video synopsis it was everything I wanted out of the Kama do joe vs egg.

I feel like I corcumnavigated both. Love the passion and love the rawness

brizZzan says:

This has to be the dumbest video I’ve seen on facebook. No temps. Obviously the the brisket was pink in the middle and not where the smoke ring should be. Fraud!!!!!

Jesse Rocha says:

Informercial at it’s worst!

Mac Tezeno says:

Forget the grills. Your food looks horribly undercooked.

jf c says:

yeah sponsored video 100%, but the green egg is WAY too overpriced on these days

Lee says:

This is funny… you cut the brisket on the outside for the green egg roast. For the vision grill roast, you cut in the middle. Not an accurate test

Alex Bevelheimer says:

I do love your channel about how you take something out of the box and show how easy or difficult it is to work with but this video isn’t even a complete comparison of the two grills in esscence they are the exact same they do the exact same thing, they work the exact same way the briskets were not even close to done and comparing one has better smoke or bark than the other is folly to say the least, I disagree on how you say one, wins over the other when you didn’t show the egg at all you focused all on the vision I have friends that own eggs and they are very proud of them they work well their warranty and customer service is barr none they hold up and are quality made, I am not defending the egg over a vision but you cannot compare just on prices I have seen people turn out better food in a converted 55gallon drum vs a 10k smoker set up I really think you need to redo this and give it a proper comparison which one gets to temp faster, which one holds temp the longest, which one has a better warranty, customer service use the exact same charcoal or whatever and same exact starting method

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