BakerStone Grill Top Pizza Oven Review

Thanks to Bakerstone and The Home Depot for providing this sample.
This is a fun device to add to your grill arsenal. It arrived in a really sturdy box with excellent packing material. Assembly was easy, although you do need to pay some attention to which way you put the stones in as they only go one way and you will not want to try to pull them apart.

Like many others, I had a difficult time getting this up to temperature. I have an older grill that just doesn’t throw the heat like this oven needs to make pizza properly. I partially closed the lid, and that helped it get up to nearly 500 degrees, but I would have liked it hotter. My grill was also not quite deep enough, even though it is a full size four burner. You will want to measure your grill before making this purchase.

I did get nicely cooked pizza and bread sticks when it finally got up to temp. I think I would have even better results if I had a newer grill that provided the heat needed to make this really work correctly. I am not sure I get better results than making it in the oven, but it is more fun to do it this way and it doesn’t heat the house up in the summer.

It does make a pretty small pizza. You will be making one for each person eating, but that is ok, since most people want different stuff on their pie anyway.


TheKilog69 says:

Man U always get the coolest stuff!

RemoGaggi says:

I’ve have a Bakerstone and it does a great job on pizzas. But, it takes FOREVER to get up to heat and I’m using a 6-burning Weber Summit Grill. To me, the Bakerstone uses too much propane to get it hot. I’m looking for another alternative.

Paul Cooper says:

I was thinking that direct flame to the stone would damage it is may try it on the charcoal grill with indirect heat

White Thunder BBQ says:

Looks pretty cool Fern!

brimstone33 says:

Thanks for the vid. Cheese goes under the pepperoni, drectly on top of the sauce. This keeps the cheese from burning and lets the pepperoni cook more thoroughly. You can throw some fresh mozzarella on top as it comes out of the oven, it will melt nicely without burning. Maybe a few whole basil leaves too…You might rotate the pie 180 degree halfway through cooking to get a more even bake. You might use cornmeal on the peel, but you should not need it on the stone itself. Did the oven come with a peel?

Chris DIYer says:

All the time in the desert…we all wished we could have had pizza. This looks like it could be well served by our troops. Nice!

Paul Cooper says:

you think this will work on a camp chef 3 burner or a gas cook top ( a converted indoor gas oven)

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