Weber Smokey Joe – Grillin’ BBQ Pork Chops

Cooking some barbecue pork chops on my new Weber Smokey Joe Silver Compact Grill. Also we made up some mashed potatoes, collards and some cornbread. It made a real nice dinner.


HG-Max Ito says:

Not safe to use it in that little base of wood. So dangerous

jason hullihen says:

looks good.. chops can be a pain dry right up….

MrGtoriginal says:

Them pork chops cooked up real good.

Martin Sherdren says:

thanks man i learnt a cheaper way to start a braai, using oil and a paper towel. :)… btw that meal looked good

dopamineluv says:

awesome! thanks for the paper towels/oil hack. Do you brine the chops?

Gerva Rod says:

flip em less and open the hood less. will give em extra flavor and cook quicker. they still be juicey.

Jeff Harper says:

You know wha you doin boy! Appreciate it! VERY GOOD POST! Thanks

Paul Maddox says:

Ya’ll be cookin good stuff…love the greens too…my Daddy use to cook just like this…he was from Kentucky and old school as they come…good job…thanks

Pedro Henrique Almeida says:

Are u using volcanic stone ? Or wood charcoal ?

Dave Stelling says:

Really nice job, Bro…
Thanks for sharing!

TheSebtrain says:

Great video! Is that your back yard?? That’s amazing!!! Mine is tiny compared in the UK ! Where you at man ???

Anthony Verdibello says:

I’ve used the Weber Smokey Joe, for a number of years.
I live in FL, so I use it two or three times a week, and I love it.
I also have a $3,000, stainless steel, 63,000 btu, propane grill that I hardly EVER use. It’s a male thing, you know.
I’ve found that you can cook for up to 6 people on this little grill, with out any problems.
I bought a small stainless steel commercial table from a local restaurant supply house, and cut the legs of the table down. Then, I installed wheels on it so that it was easy to move. Since I had cut the legs down, when I put the grill on it, the top of the grill is at a comfortable working level, and, as a bonus, there is enough room next to the grill to place the lid as well as a platter of food.
The use of a starter chimney is helpful, as I use lump charcoal as opposed to briquettes. It’s something about the unprocessed charcoal that appeals to me. You don’t need to use a lot of charcoal because the bowl is small, but VERY efficient.
The only down side is that the grill has to be replaced every three years or so because the legs that support the bowl, rust and break at the bowl. If they sold replacement legs, the lid and bowl would last forever!
If you want that good charcoal flavor, I highly recommend this grill. You can’t go wrong.

DozensOfViewers says:

Looks like they were cooked down to shoe leather. Also, I hope he washed those tongs after touching the raw pork with it.

D Tichenor says:

Good video! I’ve got a Smokey Joe as well. Never tried vinegar as a spray, but I will next time. Thanks for posting!

Armand Kuta says:

Simple good cooking..thanks for sharing…

Cesar Rodriguez says:

looking darn good!

G C says:

is that white paper towel? and you soak it in vegetable oil ?is that correct?i find the accent a little hard to understand.

Lineu Neves says:

what kind brown liquid did put on pork two times?

draybo46n2 says:



tell ya what I hope you use that propane here in the channel islands its very basic BBQ ive had some awful ones you Floridians seem to know how to…..good vid!

PartyUpLive says:

I’ve been using the paper towel an oil trick ever since I saw this video. I don’t even use my chimney anymore. I just light the paper towel, get everything ready, and it’s good to go. Thanks for the tip.

PandawdyBob says:

What was your total cook time for the pork chops?

OhSnap84 says:

Really enjoyed this… learned a thing or 2. Thanks!

SuperKissFan1 says:

I have a grill just like yours mine is green..

jennifer guerrero says:

Looks amazing

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