Weber Jumbo Joe Portable Grill review

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Camping has got to the point where we have a lot of paraphernalia that is brought along with this and to reduce our size for what we actually use we picked up one of these Weber jumbo Joe grills. We did have an Aussie grill and it did an excellent job for us when we had a family of four that was eating however now that it’s just 2 people we have more need for space then we do that bigger grill. Plus the fact that the larger grill usually requires more charcoal makes it a no brainer for us that we need to downsize our cooking ware. We originally looked at the Weber Smokey Joe which has a 14 inch cooking surface however we were quick to realize that the way we like to cook with accouterments that the grill when it have enough space for the main course and the side dishes. So we
went with the larger 18-inch Weber jumbo Joe grill that I show in the video here. And just like our Performer Series grill that we use at the house this thing doesn’t excellent job and we are very happy with the purchase. If you’re interested click the link in the video description and it will take you right to it. Thanks for watching.


Matthew Mansfield says:

Good video cheers but i don’t think i could ever afford Tbone steaks that big in rip off Britain.

FourDollaRacing says:

Cooking meat and potatoes over an open flame is a man’s job! Cowboy up! Your wife can still make other dishes in the coach. And, you’ll have twice the meal in half the time….

andy D says:

How is cooking of the portable compare to the full size model ?

LeboView says:

+Robert Sawyers I think the legs will hold up. They are pretty sturdy.. I would make sure to buffer the charcoal and cooking grates so they don’t bang around and chip the ceramic.. I think you’ll be happy with the grill.. Thanks for watching..

Joaquim Coutinho says:

Cant find where to buy this in Europe

Jarrad Stewart says:

Thank you for the excellent review. I just found out they’ve released the Jumbo Joe in Australia, so I’ll definitely be adding it to my collection of Weber kettles and Smokey Joe.

By the way, nice looking camping spot you’ve got there!

Adrian Kap says:

Loved the video! Unfortunately you cut out some of the assembly when recording in some of the confusing spots. It’s more critical for those like me who don’t do this stuff very often so it doesn’t come easy. On that note, I did learn a lot and admire the fact that your willing to share your experience. Thank you

Truckin Bear says:

picking mine up this weekend, got this little Backyard Grill brand for 13 bucks at wally world and i shouldnt be shocked at how poorly it has been performing so time to move on to better things and get my first Weber. btw how strong are those legs on it? i drive truck for a living and use the grill to prepare my dinners on the road so i have to strap it to the catwalk and the Backyard Grill model took quite a beating and got a little bent up from the bumps and jaring of the road. thanks for the help!

tewkewl says:

you grilled a porterhouse for 27 min??? are you crazy?

702Truee says:

thanks bro I just won one at work can’t wait to use it before summer ends.

moofushu says:

You look like Hank from the TV show Breaking Bad. Do they make replacement grill grates for this Jumbo Joe?

Al Gorel says:

That is one of the best reviews I have seen in a while!
Now I don’t have to read the directions to assemble.
Thanks for taking the time.

Marcus M says:

Nice video! Already own a Weber Q and I’m thinking about getting one of those for the flavour. I don’t have any experience with charcoal BBQ. How do you store the charcoal after using it?

Mr K says:

Nice vid, cheers

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