Uten Portable Barbecue Charcoal Grill Unboxing & Review

In this video, we are unboxing and then reviewing the Uten Portable Barbecue Charcoal Grill. It is a small, lightweight BBQ tool for outdoor cooking. It can be used while camping, hiking, on picnics, tailgating, backpacking and more. This was sent to us free from the company for review.

Uten Barbecue Charcoal Grill Folding Portable Lightweight BBQ Tools for Outdoor Cooking Camping Hiking Picnics Tailgating Backpacking (Small) https://amzn.to/2KEA6SG

Music Credit: “Fearless First” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Bklondon 75 says:

Hi Tami and Kevin. I’ve been watching your channel since you visited the UK. I’m assuming at some point you or Kevin were overweight because you’re always referring to calories and on your what you eat on Wednesday vlogs you eat next to nothing substantial and always go low fat. Not meant to be rude, so please don’t take it that way. I know you LOVE reviewing different foods, but have you ever researched a keto diet? I’d be interested in your view on this. I’ve been doing this for 4 months and can’t begin to say how good it has been, not only for weight loss but for all the health benefits that come with it. May I suggest you have a look at KenDBerry, he has a YouTube channel and is a doctor from your area, very eye opening. Keep up the great vlogs and best wishes to the whole family.

Braxton l says:

need to add a rail to the side of the cooking grates so it slides in easier

TheRivrPrncess says:

Kevin, you needed to wear gloves to put the grill in. Other than that I think you did your best with this product. You gave it a good try and honest review. I would not buy it either.

ChristiangirlTracy says:

Hi Tami and Kevin:) Oh Okay…That Lid Sure was hard to slide on and off…to much trouble. Thank You for Always giving your honest opinion, That’s why I Love you two, you Just Tell It Like It Is! It Helps the Company to Make a Better Product And It Helps The Consumer!! Love You Both Always!!

Kathy R says:

Wow, sorry you guys had to buy charcoal for that cheap piece of a mess. But great review, hope the sausage tasted good.

Aleen R says:

They probably shouldn’t have painted the charcoal base. It’d be good for camping if you are a super patient person lol!!

Jen S says:

The fact that the heat took the paint off can’t be healthy totally bad design

Courtney Fuller says:

I litterly got a migraine from watching this, I never had trouble like that with mine

Elaine Ragan says:

Kevin is making me nervous. Be careful.

Shirou says:

I’d be worried about the paint fumes infusing into your food while cooking. Hey, at least it’s easy to carry it towards the trash can.

jean norton says:

I hope the company Is watching .and takeing notes.

nitroartvideo.com says:

Made in China, junk use one time then in the trashcan it would go. Great real world review, I googled the name and found a video review and the grill melted the table top of a plastic outdoor table when grilling.

John McCormack says:

I give Kevin a lot of credit-if that were me I would have arced it across the yard and beat it in with a bat.   Really bad design trying to put the grill part on with hot coals-was nervous Kevin would burn himself.   I have a small Weber Smoky Joe that is pretty portable for taking to a park or something.  And always admire your reviews-it’s always your true feelings -thank you.

Usual Weirdo says:

I love that you guys gave a true and honest opinion! That thing was definitely junk and what a pain in the butt.

Nirta Fogle says:

Tami I got three words for you that you may agree with me on…. Wouldn’t purchase it.

Liz S. says:

Please forgive me, I laughed out loud during this video. This grill is DEFINITELY a hazard and poorly executed! I’m sorry you guys had to purchase charcoal and waste time with it.

shauna0507 says:

Ha mine came in the mail today. I just unboxed. Then came on to YouTube to find an instruction video because mind didn’t come with one!
And I came across this video. Wish I had seen this before I bought mine. Smh. Thanks for sharing.

R and D TV says:

Please try the buffalo wild wings blazin hot wings i would love to see you guys reaction espicially kevin lol but pleaseeee try this and thx from ms

marilyn kozlow says:

More work than it’s worth.

Lenny Thai says:

Oooooooo burrrrnnnn

Carina says:

I’ve assembled IKEA Furniture easier than this… no matter how confusing the instructions are…. This was kinda a poor design choice. Was nervous that Kevin would end up burning himself trying to “slide” the grill part over the coals… Even that part was uneven.. so you’ll end up with run away hot dogs.

And honestly… the coal tray doesn’t seem to take the heat very well either… a couple of BBQs with this and the coals will burn a hole through it… Going to stick to my portable Weber “mini” grill. Can be used on table tops, at park etc etc. lol

Thank you for the honest review 🙂 and this will help the company try to improve their product <3

Donna Bruhn says:

I say that grill is a fail. I just bought a new little grill from Walmart at least the top grill just sits on top and is really easy to use.

pixi4688 says:

It was very nice of the company to send you the grill but if anyone needs a portable grill I always suggest a disposable grill as it has the charcoal in it and you can throw it away after.

S Holcomb says:

I love your show.

White Mail Privilege says:

Lol this product is just terrible. They should call it the Prank Grill

Supermonkey 1964 says:

Looks like they should have included a trash can to throw it in. Obviously a real piece of garbage. 🙂

Dizzy Strife says:

Seems like too much of a pain.

sallyfromcali1127 says:

Kevin has so much patience. I would have been throwing all four pieces of that thing around out of sheer frustration! LOL

Anne Tomlinson says:

This seems like a cheap disposable grill I wouldn’t want to use it for more than once and even that is pushing it. Poorly constructed/designed.

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