Unboxing Reveal Coleman Tabletop Charcoal Grill

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Unboxing Reveal Coleman Tabletop Charcoal Grill
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So my coleman charcoal tabletop grill opening it up here. As you can see, it comes with
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So my coleman charcoal tabletop grill opening
it up here. As you can see, it comes with
a very attractive kind of a retro design and
this is the carrying case. Very handy so it
feels very sturdy. This feels like a real
heavy duty case. Not a cheap one that is going
to rip real soon. Anyway that’s nice. This
is the cat. She is going to check it out too.
Monseiur Nibbles IV (CAT) There are Velcro
straps that come open. Another velcro and
here is our grill. I’ll go ahead and pull
that out. Still got some packaging materials.
Ok so here is what we got inside. This is
the actual grill. It comes with a little metal
grill part. and some plastic parts which are
probably the legs, I’m guessing. So this would
be the charcoal tray so you put your charcoal
in here. It makes for easy clean up when you
are done, you just pull it out. You can dump
your charcoal. And I’ll drop that right in
there. And this should go on top. Excuse me
kitty. You are on the scissors. Kitty tries
to be helpful but she is not really that helpful.
So what we got here is the actual grill. It
has little fold out handles so you can set
that right there for easy removal later. And
there you have it. I think it is a very attractive
unit. It has the coleman logo on the front.
It is very heavy duty. It feels like a quality
item. The metal is actually thicker than I
expected. It feels like a good deal. So there
you have it, the coleman tabletop grill. Think
this goes for 60 dollars. I got it on clearance
from a website for about 30 dollars. You can
actually find good deals on this. I think
this is probably worth 60. There you have
it. John 6:35.

Please watch: “ColemanTABLETOP Charcoal Grill in Action”


djdrew says:

love this

Capn America Projects II says:

Check out the grill in action at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s00yo_tEzLA

jeff sloniker says:

Do you still have this grill? How has it stood the test of time? Also, what are the dimensions of the actual grid provided? Thanks.

Nate Bee says:

Make a video firing it up and show an estimated amount of food that can be cooked on it. Thanks

Max N. says:

Thanks for taking the time to show the product. Much appreciated!

Damien Cortez says:

Great video, is there a follow up video on how it cooks & handles the heat ?

RK says:

Could you name the website.  Thanks

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