The Homping Grill – Review / Unboxing / Demo (Tailgating, Camping)

When I saw the Homping Grill for sale on Amazon, I thought “FINALLY!” I’ll tell you exactly why in a second… First, I have to admit that this was our 6th grill purchase… but, in our defense, each grill we own serves a different purpose. We love ‘tailgating’ at sporting & music events.

We have tried 3 different portable grills, but the absolute biggest complaint I had was how long they took to cool down! Why does this matter? Traditional grills can take up to an hour to cool off enough to be able to safely put them away. This means you have to plan for an extra hour between the time you eat and the time you want to enter the event. If it’s hot – or cold – outside, this is particularly frustrating. Plus, they make such huge messes…

In comes this bad boy! You can LITERALLY carry this grill while it’s cooking. Which means – it’s cool enough to put on your plastic folding tabletop, to move if needed, and to put away when you’re done. AWESOME! Plus, as you’ll see, it only requires 6-8 pieces of charcoal (try doing that with your traditional charcoal grill…). Not only is that cost effective and less to carry, it also means LESS MESS!

So, I urge you to watch the video below and check it out for yourself. In the video, my husband and I show you what’s included, how it works, and do a demo of us using the Homping Grill. BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE… We give you his “secret” on what you need to make the best sliders. I’m sorry honey! (He was not happy when I did this…)

I purchased mine here on Amazon with free Prime shipping. I had a suspicion I’d like it, so here’s the #review for your viewing pleasure.

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hourglass paranormal says:

stoners haha love it I well buy one!!!! 200 bucks perfect be useful!!!

Dennis Steele says:

This is like an easy bake oven for kids.

Bryan T says:

Is the bottom of the cooking, grill-grate also non-stick or unfinished aluminum? I have the Cobb grill and it is unfinished aluminum. Unfinished aluminum placed in a dishwasher is a problem. It chemically changes to a black sticky substance that rubs off on anything it touches after it comes out of the dishwasher. I ruined mine that way.

Cece Curtis says:

Just bought this and waiting on delivery. It said it can be used indoors. Doesn’t look smokeless, so I’m thinking not. Argh! Has anyone actually used this indoors?

stargatefever says:

does it cook evenly?

norm lor says:

I’m curious but is the fan supposed to be running after the coals are lit or just to fast start the coals?

Total Access Reviews says:

Excellent review. Nice job, Heather.

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