Smokey Joe Product Review

The Weber Smokey Joe is a durable, useful grill that travels well – however there are a few features you should be aware of if you are considering purchasing one.


MoveableChef says:

Hi, thanks for watching.

Having used the Gold more, I have to say that it burns more evenly and better than expected with the top mounted vents (using lump charcoal). I haven’t really had any issues, and being able to lock the lid down has come in handy.

I understand what you are proposing – but I’m not sure you would get the draw with a passive vent, particularly at first when you have just lit it, and you don’t have much convection occurring. It would require 2 90 degree (or close) bends.

Derek Diaz says:

Wow – perfect review! Concise, informative, to-the-point, practical and no BS. My decision is made. Thank you!

Donald Wortham says:

drill some holes on the silver and exchange the parts. with that said I still have to take the lid off on either to keep fire hot. next time I grill I’m going to try using the recommended peices of coal. 30 for food that cooks under 20 minutes with coal directly under food. and 9 on each side by the vents for meat with bones cooking indirectly

PartyUpLive says:

I ended up buying the Smokey Joe Gold. Added the bottom vents of the Silver. Now I have both the side vents, the bottom vents, the lid holder, and a locking lid. It’s great. I love it and use it whenever it’s warm enough outside(at least 40 degrees). I took it to the lake front and it was perfect.

MindyFortege says:

I have been searching for differences between Silver and Gold. Finally, someone cared enough to explain them.  Not even the websites that have them for order (at least not the one I was looking at) really detailed the differences.  Thank you for this video. It was very helpful.

Question: This looks like the perfect grill for a one person meal.  Can you still slow cook on this size grill? If I bought a whole chicken, could I slow cook it on the Smokey Joe or would I need a larger grill for low and slow?

TwoBeatKick says:

these do not burn hot enough…useless with lid on.

BBQ Master says:

Awesome review, If you are interested in this grill, checkout this site with best prices–>

Headie Doll says:

Thank you so much for posting this review. Im in a situation where i need something to cook on portably. And your review REALLY helped. Thank you again MoveableChef!

MrCoffeekelly says:

The smokey joe gold is WORTHLESS!!! I’ll never ever understand why weber doesn’t just make the smokey joe silver with the lid locking ring???!!!! I love my weber grills but the smokey joe gold is junk. Get the jumbo joe or smokey joe silver, both great grills.

Mervyn Lowe says:

Excellent review!

MoveableChef says:

The bends would affect draw, and the easier path for the air would just be to leak through the lid and circulate – defeating the purpose. Having said all that, I’m always down for a cool experiment so if you try anything (or vice versa) come back here and post it. I may have some left over copper fitting to experiment with….

If the size isn’t too much, the 18″ version, the Jumbo Joe, has both the lid lock and the bottom vents with ash catcher.

Ted Hall says:

I liked you review, however I have been looking for a grill to use in my RV. I prefer the gold because of the locking lid for transport in the RV, but I like the bottom vent of the silver. I was not aware of the jumbo which has both features, although it is a little large for the RV. What a dilemma! I have found some other grills that have locking lids and lower vents, but are not as robust as the weber! Thanks for your review!

Hunting For The Pot says:

Ive got a cheapo copy of this grill which I bought from Tesco for £10, does the job.

Marty Lynchian says:

You must have a very small wiener to buy a grill that small.

Christopher Andrews says:

I’ve got this but without the handle,it cooks brilliant,I’ve done steaks and sausages and ribs,no problems,it works!

Loc Mc says:

sounds like you bought the wrong grill boss

quirquincho23 says:

I just got one. Very disappointed with the purchase. it doesn’t work. the fire goes out. don’t waste your money.

PartyUpLive says:

I was gifted a SMJ Silver. Love it and use it on the porch when the weather is still kind of cold. I was thinking of trying the Gold but realized I don’t need it. I just place a small metal pan in the ash catcher on the silver, and when I’m done grilling, I dump it, close all the vents, and I’m done. The only thing I wish it had was the handle lock, but I’m fine without it if the trade off means better air flow from the bottom vents. Plus, I am thinking of just adding the handle lock, minus the side vents, but I don’t really need to. Great review by the way.

ProfessorFreaksworth says:

Thanks for the great info!

I’m about to get one and want the gold for it’s design considerations (handle lock, no ashes from bottom) but really want air under the coals.

What do you think of a home made duct out of copper pipe from the vent to beneath the coals? I have some design ideas to make it convenient but it’s more detail than can fit in a comment.

I can make it but I don’t know if it will work. Do you think the coals would be able to draw air through a passive duct (no fan)?

Shop Picks says:

A locking lid will always be a plus

365Hustle says:

great review man! thank you

ACSDSicily says:

I find the gold is much better. The silver with ashtray on the bottom the fire goes out when the lid is on

Takingout thetrash says:

great review and comparison with the conventional smokey joe with the bottom air-regulator

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