JS #392 -【Trying Out】 Portable BBQ Grill Outside Our Door 小型烤肉架

MOSKUS GEAR portable charcoal BBQ Cooler Carry Bag


Mick Moriarty says:

Nice little outfit. If you are going to cook with charcoal a charcoal kettle would be a good investment to start the charcoal. A lot of people on YouTube use self igniting charcoal. Your food will taste soooooooooooo much better if you just cook over the charcoal. Rub the wires with a raw potato t stop foods like chicken sticking. You can also but wood chips to add to the flavour, soak them in water for 30 mins or so and place them on the coals when they are hot. The smoke will give a lot of flavour, but might be a bit too much on your little area. Great video, what was the coating on the meat? Thanks.

Mirriulah Water Dog says:

Can you tell me if WoodFlame have or had in the past an outlet in Australia as I have an older version and need parts.

petyona says:

Let your lighter fluid soak on your charcoal or wood for about ten minutes or so before you light it to insure a good start. This will reduce a flare up as well.

Walter Greene says:

9 x 3 inch cake pan for a lid

Santi T says:

isn’t it dangerous when you cook to close to any type of wood? you are too closed to the door.

Walter Greene says:

I have a grill like this. The one air vent does not let in enough air for the charcoal to burn hot. Drill some more air vents and this grill will be turbocharged. I took a 9 x 3 inch a made a lid for the grill. Drilled one vent hole in the lid. Work like a weber now.

Imani Nichole says:

i just brought one of these from the 99 cent store and now trying to figure out how to do this grill stuff

Nae Nae says:

Great video. Thinking of buying this grill for the beach

Lervin Pacheco says:

this information its very helpful for the ones we just got a product like this and we have no idea how to use it..
i got this last week and it seems to be very good, im gonna give it a try in 2 days. if you guys want to try it i leave the link below

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