How to use the lotusGrill® BBQ

Be cooking in 3-4 minutes with, safety, portability and style. This smokeless charcoal BBQ from LotusGrill® offers the latest in state of the art German technology and Finnish design.
With stunning colours and multi-award winning features, you’ll be cooking and the neighbours ‘looking’ in no time! For more info and stockists see
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dracojah says:

Does this grill need a special expensive charcoal or is it the same regular charcoal?

briotone says:

I see regular charcoal was used. Does it work with briquettes as well, because cooking is more controllable and available for much longer?

However, I like the idea of minimal smoke because I have limited outdoor space, which is all covered!

cameron romeril says:

you can e-mail and they will provide you with a list of retailers you can buy from

ecbenny J says:

This thing is awesome!!!! It would be even more awesome if it was just a little bigger. I hope they start considering making it bigger because then I will start saving up for one.

Vazmenko says:

Nice video, thanx!

victoria gomez says:

were do they sell this one, I like it it does not make lots of fire

cameron romeril says:

Thanks – last week LotusGrill® also won the coveted ‘best domestic appliance at the Australia International Design Awards whoop whoop

Philip Brennan says:

Do you get a smokey taste from this

cameron romeril says:

Yes you sure do. The Charcoal flavour is actually a harmless invisible gas so all the flavours are still there just not the carcinogens. But as you see from the video, if you want to chargrill your food there is no shortage of heat to do that. All we are saying is that if you want smokeless the option is there. Best of both worlds.

bunnyDrug says:

ditto – Instant buy if that is implemented

cameron romeril says:

not a bad idea!

rbasso415 says:

Can you use Japanese Binchotan Charcoal with this grill?

BruteColdside says:

how do I buy this?
tried to buy it but appear this when I click buy now
please solve it 🙂

Unavailable Shop

If you’re the store owner please Log in to your admin to resolve the issue. (request_id: 633be853cb9b8b13c6b1e7c20f2cf952)
also tried to send a email about this and the email is not working

MightyTor says:

Very very nice video! =) I’m wondering if I should buy it. It’ seems so nice and easy =)

Rob Roman says:

Is this the regular sized grill or the XL?

cameron romeril says:

Hi there, It does cook evenly, however we rushed it a little for the video and should have let them sit for 5 min as we all know meat is often pink-ish when first taken off the BBQ (assuming you like medium rare). We could have also cooked them for another minute to be ‘medium / well done’ but we could be accused of the unit over-cooking. Might do another video based on your observation, also now we have the glass thermostat hoods and pizza stones for them!

Toaster Chicken says:

The burgers don’t look like they’re evenly cooked thanks to their being bigger than the open cooking area.

cameron romeril says:

Yes it can but we don’t reccomend using them as they take around 20 minutes until you are cooking, opposed to just 3 minutes with natural hardwoood charcoal. Charcoal is also a far healthier product to be cooking with. LotusGrill® Australia are about to launch a sustainable Australian arciacia charcoal that is the best charcoal we have tested to date on the BBQ (and we have trialed over a dozen types). On high heat you will get 1.5hrs on the original grill & 2.5hrs on the new XL grill

Arto Määttä says:

I saw this briefly in Spring Fair in Helsinki, Finland. Didn’t see it action, so thanks for the video. Looks good.

Martin Kralicek says:

Hi there. I just found your video copied here: Phenix Gril Sound is removed and logo of Lotusgrill is removed from start and end of video. It’s now sold as “Phenix Grill”. What is difference between Phenix and Lotusgrill? You one is Lotus or Phenix?

cameron romeril says:

It uses natural hardwood charcoal found at any decent BBQ or hardware store. Supermarkets tend to stock inferior man-made products containing chemicals (briquettes and other fake charcoal made out of the likes of compressed burnt sawdust) – Avoid using those

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