Grilliput Duo Stainless Steel Portable Grill Set-Up, Demo & Review

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Want to grill out in the back country but cant lug a grill out there with you? Check out the Grilliput Duo portable grill from UCO.


Bruce Peters says:

Nathans hot dog are pre-cooked. Poor choice for demo

TheJman says:

perfect for my kayak camping trips!

E Irizarry says:

what review…. its a video of you setting it up and grilling hotdogs. a proper review will include field use with either or both fire wood or stove and a set up at campsite. how sturdy is it for pot of boiling water or. coffee?  is it stable? or is it junk.  a review is not listening to music while watching hotdogs cook !  you need to do a better job.

Chris the boz bozinovich says:

this is perfect for going on hikes, camping, and just perfect for the great outdoors

james bohannon says:

of topic, but what music is that? I’ve been trying to find it. oh, and good video. 😉

GoonCityTVFLA says:


loveonfire says:

i use my firebowl for broccoli

dutch971 says:

He said 9×1″x10x2″ Thumbs way the fuck down for that special kind of idiocy.

FightForTruth says:

I don’t want to be “that guy” but seriously, for camping or hiking, you’d have to carry charcoal, and match lite charcoal? Wtf? You want to pack that crap? And for Gods sake man, make a small fire, cut yourself a small limb off of a tree and skewer your dog on the stick.

This video is nothing more than an advertisement for a joke of a grill. Seriously.

Elvis Wilson says:

Tested one earlier this month. Had to take an aluminum pan to cover the chicken being grilled in order to trap the heat. I had also used one of those same aluminum pans to contain my wood fire under the grill. Turned out well in the end.

AndyPanda9 says:

uh … why not just put the hotdogs on a sharpened stick and roast over a campfire?

steffanie3till says:

Where did you get the fire bowl from? Can you use any fire bowl with this?

shanesmaineshop says:

This is a really cool grill but you don’t have to buy one they are easy to make. thanks for sharing.

WW Suwannee says:

Very cool little grill. Just make sure you don’t dirty it up for hotdogs…just put them on a stick ffs. Same goes with fish, rabbit, small game and birds. Where I can see this little grill exceeding is with a slab of meat, or boiling water and things. Very cool little grill you can keep tucked somewhere, I like it…thanks for the vid:)

LatinMatrixCrew says:

Not to be a prick. But that was not a review. More like a Demonstration. Either ways im sold… Thx

Peter Johnson says:

Buy a disposable barbecue

Ron Moore says:

Great video on set up of the UCO and also great music…what is the source of the music?
It was way to funky to see you toted the grill, fire bowl, charcoal briquets for only 3 hot dogs! I wanted a nice New York Steak or some Chicken/Rabbit/slab of meat for two. :-).

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