Coop’s Simple Review – Lodge Sportsman’s Grill

Check out this Coop’s Simple Review – Lodge Sportsman’s Grill. Watch Pops unbox, assemble, review his new Lodge Sportsman Grill.

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Ronald Loyd says:

when cool put in garage from moisture hitting it simp ale

Big Lew BBQ says:

I love my LSG!

Derrick Anderson says:

nice video thanks

k m says:

I recommend the Weber charcoal go anywhere over this. It’s cheaper, you can keep it outside without worrying about it rusting and best of all, you can smoke with it! It’s also lighter and more compact. I’m a cast iron guy myself but dam, that’s too much maintenance for grillin.

Emanuel Buttigieg says:

Can you burn wood in that?

Embroids Marsha White says:

awesome! would you take it camping with such a heavy tabletop?

J. J. says:

Nice grill!! Gonna get me one, too much flipping of the steaks though. Two flips is it.

Pauline Mang says:

Thanks for a very good unpacking and demo. Believe I am going to get this. Appreciate that you demonstrated competent safe cooking practices to get your steaks to the way you like them, and to make sure your patties were safe for consumption. Yeah, we don’t always do this at home (but my hubby always tests his steaks, says more accurate than press test anyway). But if you ever cook for a crowd, you don’t want to make them sick. I’ve been at it 50 years, still doesn’t hurt to be cleanly and keep your thermometer handy.

Eric Enriquez says:

How long did it take to fully cool down? Looking for a good option on Tailgates that can maintain quality of grilling away from home.

James Griffiths says:

Thanks for showing how you cleaned it. That’s a bit of work!

209ZoMbIE KiLLa says:

U really had to use a thermometer on the patties? Looks like someone needs a lot more practice lol

emilletich says:

You lost me when you stuck the fork in the steak, but some good viewpoints on the grill.

Stephen McMurry says:

Line your firebowl with heavy duty foil before putting coals in makes for easier cleaning.

alternate account says:

lol easy to spot a novice cook. Throw that damn thermometer away you don’t need it with beef. Beef is safe to eat red my dude.

SnowNasty says:

Hey my G! Nice overall video. I see the harsh comments and I wanted to say good job on THE FOCUS of the video. I have a Char-Griller 2121 which is a big grill and its awesome. Cast-iron grates, blah blah blah. Was looking at this for smaller cooks on the side and your video proves the point. Great job. Long non necessary info for you at the bottom… again, THANK YOU for YOUR VIDEO.

As far as the flipping the steaks comments, its accurate but they didn’t generally offer too much info. I am a rookie griller, getting better by the CHARCOAL BAG lol. I have a few tips that will help you, i’ve seen ya other responses.

With most meats, you wanna flip once, that is the goal. Yes, you can rotate them 90-degrees to get diamond marks vs line marks, but you definitely wanna get it down to flipping over once. TWO TIMES max.

For steaks, with that grill, i see you will need to let it hang more, depending on your style. Once you figure out the HEAT of this bad boy, you will KNOW when its ready. Also, one major thing, and you can test this out… do not POKE your meat, lol. Only poke for thermometer but not for flipping, get the tongs my G… GET THE TONGS lol or spatula. Trust me, it is so noticeable, SUPER UPGRADED my grilled food. Don’t believe me, make 2 ground meat burgers, juicy… use a spatula on one, POKE and flip for the other… take off the grill, let them rest…. one will def be more juicy, both will be good… just… one will be greater.

MEDIUM to MEDIUM high has helped me the best for cooks w/ almost everything: Salmon, Burgers (frozen n grounded), shrimp, chicken quarters, breasts split in half. KEy thing i learned about using thermometers… if something needs to be 140… at 133ish you can take it off the grill and let it rest, the meat will continue to cook while resting, 5-10 mins. CHANGED MY LIFE.

One consistent thing i did until i figured out how my grill distributes heat both open door and closed door, is cook 60% on one side and 40% on the other… pull it off, let it rest, check it, throw it back on if you need too.

Quick Google check chart for you:
Temperature: High
Thermometer reading: 450° F to 500° F
Hand check: 1 to 2 seconds

Temperature: Medium-high
Thermometer reading: 400° F to 450° F
Hand check: 2 to 4 seconds

Temperature: Medium
Thermometer reading: 350° F to 400° F
Hand check: 4 to 5 seconds

Temperature: Medium-low
Thermometer reading: 300° F to 350° F
Hand check: 6 to 7 seconds

Temperature: Low
Thermometer reading: 250° F to 300° F
Hand check: 7 to 9 seconds

alternate account says:

They make the 21.5 or 22 inch cast iron round grates that fit perfectly in a weber grill or a 55 gallon drum. A little cheaper and much more surface area. I still really want one of these little grills just for the cool factor.

John says:

I’ve owned this cooker a few years and I’ve learned a lot about it. It’s been a trial and error kind of thing for most of it. For me, I use it mostly as a burner for cast iron skillets nowadays. The amount of coals you have (less is more it seems) determines the heat. I’ve trialed a lot with an infrared gun to figure out what works best. I’ve landed on making my steaks on a charcoal grill (still), cooking the sides on my Lodge and using the coals left over to season other cast irons inside my charcoal grill after dinner. And I just toss all the doors inside of it before transport, brush out ash, scrape it off and oil it when I’m done. Never use soap unless it’s really, really bad. If you take it camping use water spray to control heat and flare-ups. This thing produces the most amazing food when you get it figured out.

Pauline Mang says:

Also wanted to add, when I long-term store my iron I vent the lids with a bit of old towel, but also toss in a couple of those little packets of silica gel you get with new shoes, pkgs from overseas, etc. Might just prevent some rusting.

Brian says:

Looks like it would be great for kebabs

Josh K says:

Great review!

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