Backyard Portable Grill from Walmart $15

We found this small portable grill at Walmart, and it has been working great for us. It only had a price of $15 on it, so how could you go wrong?! Its been on 3 camping trips so far and seems to be holding up quite well considering it doesn’t get treated very well….bouncing around in the bed of the truck, sitting out in all the weather, and then being stored outside under a pole-barn when at home. Well it seems the price went up to $19, but here’s the link


Juan Winner says:

Yes, its not bad for $15 if you are just using it for one trip. The selling point to any charcoal grill is its portability and how long will it last. So rave all you want about a $15 but will it survive other trips or will you just be buying another $15 grill. i also get hey for $15 I can just throw it away when i am done.. then it will just be waste. Nothing to promote there.

psc777 says:

I had to buy this grill in an emergency as I forgot my regulator for the
grill I brought for camping. OOPS! Hey i didnt forget my tent poles!
Anyway, 9 bucks after friends employee discount. I LOVE(D) this little
grill. It became the main one for camping tailgaiting, and when
cooking small stuff at home. Well, it got ran over by someone not
paying attention when pulling into the garage! I need another!

Dominic Irksuk says:

i should try with coals, i was using propane, but lot of oil dripping, & big burns. & not too hot. only for very long time. cooking. these ppls cook like 2-3 minutes with coals. & good lovely weiners ready to eat, if i cook hamberger, 1 will be good, other will be hard as cookies. no good.

Michaelfromfremont says:

FYI- For future reference, let your coals become completely grey before adding food… SMDH
Thats BBQ 101 #1

Neil Morgan says:

I Want One !!! Perfect for Camping.

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