Yoder YS640 Comp Cart Review by Hector’s Smoke House

This is a review of the YS640 Pellet Grill. It shows all the features and has the pro’s, con’s and a few tips.
Yoder USA
BBQs Plus – Australian Retailer

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dave clark says:

cheers, just bought the same grill, was just sitting down to the manual and thought i would see what was on you tube. you reaffirmed my decision as my thinking in buying was the benefits you talk of. now to read my manual and fire it up, thanks

david drake says:

i have a traeger. bought it just to see if i liked the smoke flavor vs a uds. smoke nowhere near as strong on a pellet smoker but… the convenience of being able to smoke a butt all night without having to closely monitor a UDS is awesome!

thorpie2206 says:

Hi Hector, I’m considering getting one of these for some light commercial use. I’m looking to do mostly pork butt pulled pork, each with a weight of around 5-6kg at around 275*F.
How many pork butts do you think I could fit in there and achieve a great piece of pork? and how many kilos of pellets do you think the YS640 would consume to maintain a temp of 275*F?
Thanks for you help

mike mcgrath says:

Great review. Have had my Yoder YS640 for two years now, still love it. In regards to the heat deflector. the new one is beefed up with a removable door that makes cleanup very easy . Also you mentioned you did not really like cooking steaks on the grates because of the grease on the bottom of the smoker. With the new heat deflector I leave the deflector in place and just remove the removable door and cook the steaks with some but very little grease on the bottom.. Thanks..Mike

Dinopolese Sharkosaur says:

I really want one but check out these rediculous prices I was quote in QLD/Australia!
YS480 Standard- $4100
YS480 Comp Cart- $5364
YS640 Standard- $4435
YS640 Comp Cart- $6115

Donald Jeansonne says:

I have a Lang offset stick burner which I really like the flavor of the way she smokes but it takes time and effort. There are times when I just can’t spend that much effort cooking. I do a couple of competitions per year so pit mobility is important. I am considering adding a pit that would be less effort but still has great tastes. I will also keep my Weber kettle for backup and short cooks.

Thus I am considering a Yoder 640 pellet or a Ole Hickory ACE BP (OH). Both are expensive with OH being higher. Cost is important but not the deciding factor.

The Yoder is a quality pit but all pellets don’t have a strong smoke flavor although there is things to do to maximize the smoke. Many users claim adequate smoke and I don’t like strong smoke anyway. I like the flexibility of the 640 with the wide temp range of low smoke to high searing/grilling. I like being able to smoke for time at 250 then raising to 500 to hot sear with one pit and little effort. A pit that can low smoke and high heat grill seems a good thing. The Yoder competition model does have the mobility that is like.Also I still have the Lang for times when I want that great all wood flavor.

The OH seems to cook more closely to the flavor of the Lang or charcoal/wood. It has max temp of 250 – 275F. Doesn’t have the high temp range. OH is very high quality in build and food production. Very good reputation. It could be a replacement of the Lang instead of a supplement. The pit is not really made to move around. It has small casters difficult to load onto trailers.

I keep vacillating between the two. Each has pros and cons that I see and probably only I can decide what is important to me. I tend to favor the Yoder 640 but can’t seem to get over the reputation that Ole Hickory has in the bbq commercial world and high praise of the owners.

Please give me your opinion good and bad. Don’t spare any criticisms either. This has to be my last pit purchase!

rbljackson says:

Stupid question maybe….but Ive heard a lot of good things about these pellet grills. My question is simply this…can be be used in the rain and/or left stored outside? Or does it need to be covered when not in use. Just curious if you were in a competition during a rain….how do you account for that? I really like the idea of a pellet smoker. I have a UDS with a BBQ guru temp control unit which is great for long cooks. It monitors and adjusts temps fantastic..but I am limited on space. Looking to hear and read more about these units. thanks for the review..and let me know how you account for wet conditions. Thanks.

Kienfee says:

Thanks for the review mate, I’ve been looking at this cooker for a while now. I appreciate all the tips especially clean up and filling up the cooker with meat to save on the cost of pellets and using the vacuum sealer and bags what a great idea! You mentioned the Komodo charcoal grill, have you done any reviews on those?

TheRayford13 says:

Fantastic review! I appreciate you explaining the cons as well as the pros of the smoker.

BadgerVito says:

Great video! I have owned and loved my YS640 for nearly two years. I personally do like using it for direct grilling, but I can certainly understand why you don’t. In any case we are in agreement that it’s a fantastic cooking tool.

Ryan Hicks says:

I ordered mine a couple weeks ago. Can’t wait to get it delivered.

Doug Barnes says:

Excellent video. You covered the features very well and I learned a lot from your presentation. I have seen some of the YS640’s with thermometer ports that allow the pass-thru of the probes. I noticed yours didn’t have them or they weren’t visible in your video. How are you monitoring the food temps? Thanks again!

BBQ Sandwich says:

Pellet smokers are no longer trendy in the US, everyone is ditching them for high end offset smokers.

jairo fuentes says:

Hey bud I’m considering buying the yoder ys640 as I’m going into the brisket business… Just had a question regarding how many briskets can I cook at 1 time in the yoder ys640?…obviously for me the more the better…. Cheers hope to hear from you soon

ManCaveMeals says:

Thanks for the excellent review… I am going to be adding one of these to my patio at home.

llamawizard says:

I got the Camp Chef for their ash removal system at a fraction of the cost. you can’t really direct grill with it though.

yaka bot says:

Excellent non-biased review.

James Smith says:

This is a wonderfully informative video! I followed you here and on IG. On IG I’m foodsquire

david drake says:

what’s the biggest temperature spikes that you’ve gotten on this smoker? the Traeger can get pretty crazy if it’s really hot outside attention Spike 50 to 75 degrees. That is completely unacceptable for smoking ribs and butts

Mankite says:

So what’s your opinion on this smoker now that you’ve owned it awhile? Any issues at all?

Veritas Rex says:

I believe the novice BBQer would do well buying a Yoder. But for me I use a smokehouse that been in use for decades.I use oak that has aged about a year and apple. It takes a little work but that’s the fun part of BBQ add beer and it’s a holiday.

Tim Martinez says:

What an incredible thorough review, i’ve been going back and forth on this Yoder and a few other cookers. You have me sold. I’m getting a YS640. Tim

John Maar says:

Excellent review! I’ve had my YS640 for 4 years. Not a single problem. One other option I would recommend is Yoder’s Thermal Insulating Jacket. It’s expensive (US$249), but works great. I didn’t buy mine initially, but after doing a lot of cooks during cooler temperatures (I live at 7,000 ft), I decided to get one. Wish I’d have bought it on Day 1! I use about half the amount of pellets during low-and-slow cooks. Not only do I save fuel costs each time, I have extra confidence on overnight cooks that I won’t run out of pellets (the hopper may not be empty, but it does cone a bit where the pellets are drawn into the auger).

Rob Cappuccio says:

Really appreciate your time making this review, mate. Well done, and 100 times better than the other reviews out there. Great work!

Joe Mrtnz says:

Really enjoyed your video review of the YS640, I’ve been kicking around the thought of a pellet grill and have been partial to the Yoder brand. Thanks for all the great info and tips.

John Cellucci says:

Best review yet, dont own one, but thanks.

Robert Feather says:


Gary Manjarres says:

Great review. Do you prefer the 640 or a Stump!s? Why.

A.W. W. says:

Excellent review bud. I live in Wichita Kansas about 10 minutes from All Things BBQ. Got one of these last year for Father’s day and it changed our lives. Looking forward to more cooks. Cheers and take it easy.

nairbdaddy says:

Great review. Close to pulling the trigger on one of these.

boltfan12 says:

Enjoyed the video and I’m sure once you get the new deflector plate your view on direct grilling will change a bit and cleanup is not that bad especially when you would have to dump charcoal anyway. I can’t believe these don’t ship with the removable door, but I guess it makes Yoder a few more $$ this way.

Also, the 9″ upper grate is a very nice addition and makes using the grill grates much easier without having to remove the large upper grate so you can flip stakes. I can still stack those Boston Butts up top on the 9″ just as well as before.

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