Yoder Smokers YS480 & YS640 Pellet Grill Review | Product Roundup by All Things BBQ

Josh walks you through the YS480 and YS640 pellet cookers from Yoder Smokers, giving you the details on both the good and bad, and why he believes these are the best pellet grills on the market today.

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Joe Gonzalez says:

you really should review what you sell

Galaxy Bunny says:

Very well made and explained video…..you went in depth which i like….Keep it up 🙂

ole rofe says:

thanks for the video. I would be coming from a gas grill, and very used to grilling at 350-400 over direct flame. do you have a video showing such technique on the yoder?

Tim Andrews says:

Thanks for the info Josh. I do have a few local gmg and smokin brothers dealers.

Yoder Smokers says:

Great overview of our cookers, thanks guys! #TeamYoder

Timothy Rogers says:

Any chance we can get an overview on the cimarron pellet cooker?

Interceptor1255 says:

Almost bought a 640 but ended up with a Lone Star Grills Vertical Insulated Cabinet Smoker. The 640 or 1500 will have to be added to the collection later.

Jeff Miller says:

So are you taking the heat diffuser completely out to direct grill?

Wesley Loomis says:

hey guys love your recipe videos. here soon i will be in the market to buy my first competition/rec smoker. can you suggest a grill with the first time competitor in mind thank you.

Tim Andrews says:

Thanks for the response. Is there a 2nd choice you’d recommend if the wife says “no” to the Yoder?

stumpy haskew says:

A little on the high side .

g8rboy72 says:

How do these handled being moved a lot? Picture makes them look pretty well built.

Roel M. Mata says:

What’s are the differences between the two?

R Ryan says:

So the Big Question is which do you prefer the pellet smoker or the offset pit?….. And why?
I’m seriously considering a purchase but undecided at this point help me out….. LOL.

Jay Hemp says:

Thanks! You just helped me make a huge decision.

Barry G says:

I plan on leaving this outside under a roof in my outdoor kitchen. How do you get out unused pellets so they dont swell in the auger from outside condensation? Could go long periods without use in winter.

Backyardsmokedmeats says:

Thanks for a great review. I have been wanting one for a few years now. Hope that will come true soon

idahomountainelk says:

Hi, do you know if new grills come with the new diffuser plate with the door?

Tim Andrews says:

Yoder vs rec tec?

ThePhrygianFingers says:

Great video! I currently use a smoke tube on a propane grill. I am wondering what is the difference between that and a pellet smoker as far as taste goes? Also, I have been thinking about getting a pellet smoker or getting a Weber Smokey Mountain. As far as taste goes, which do you prefer? I definitely know the convenience of the pellet over charcoal. Thanks!

Joe Ees says:

How do these compare to MAK grills? Do they also have a quick pellet swap feature?

Jay Bennie boy says:

Best channel and BBQ on YouTube

Mark Booth says:

Can you do one on the ys1500

Jacob Roye says:

I’m looking into purchasing the ys480. this will be my first smoker. are the pellets expensive? any words of advise?

Tron says:

Is there any way to use a rotisserie with the YS640?

Randy Massengale says:

Enjoyed your video. I am on the fence between a ys640 and Mak1 general. I live in a humid place and can’t leave pellets in the hopper very long. Any tips on easy removal? A door would be nice.

BigMike says:

Ok I’m on the fence with the YS 480. What is your honest opinion about the level of smoke flavor these grills produce ? 1 being a gas grill and 10 being an off stick smoker..

Kyle Wilson says:

Didn’t you just review your own product? I may be wrong but I believe the owners of yoder smokers own all things bbq. Just seems weird not to mention that in a review

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