Why I bought the Pitts and Spitts 1250 over the Yoder YS 640

I received some questions about why I chose the Pitts and Spitts New Pellet Grill vs the Yoder YS 640. If asked before Pitts and Spitts came out with their new Maverick line of pellet grills I would have went a different direction. But their new line is just that good.


Michael King says:

The shelf on the yoder sits about 4 inches below the edge of the lid… so your claim about not being able to open the lid with items on that shelf is not correct… pitts and spitts make a great cooker… but in my opinion yoder is the best on the market

Jack Webb says:

Which Pitts and spitts model is that?

jack fat says:

Thanks for the review. I’m also considering the same vendors you mentioned. I really am torn between the Yoder and the Pitts and Spitts and was leaning toward Yoder but the hopper capacity, the roll top lid, stainless and overall build quality of the P&S is probably changing my mind. Thanks again.

Ryan Oettinger says:

You’re good at math……..

Kelly Williamson says:

Wow. 1,800$.

Girllla Grill. 700.

What extra do you get for 1,100$ extra. Yes it look great. Just wondering.

Jeff Smith says:

I like rectec grills better.

B-Rad Jeezy from Malibu says:

To each their own but that Yoder is a great smoker. Don’t regret getting mine at all. Where is this smoker made? Another reason the Yoder is great is its completely American made

Steven Guzman says:

Bob Hello I am looking at the Yoder 1500 and Pitts and Spitts 1250. Does your S& P leak a lot of smoke and how have your cooks turned out so far?

Mankite says:

What’s the dimensions of the front shelf?

tim Wisniewski says:

If your going to compare 2 different pits, it would probably be a good idea to have both of them in your video, just saying.

Dana McFadden says:

How accurate is the temperature controller over the duration of a cook? Have you used and external probe to compare it to the Pitts and Spitts internal temp probe?

dustin kresser says:

I was in the market for a newer upgrade to my smaller smoker. I seen this video and had to go see for myself between the two. I looked at both Pitts and Spitts and the Yoder is defiantly bigger. The steel is thicker on the Yoder. The Pitts n Spitts hopper and fire box are similar to Green Mountain and Traeger. Nothing special there. The Yoder is $100 less and has more surface space. This video has some false statements. The Pitts and Spitts is a nice Smoker but it does not compare to the Yoder. There is nothing true about the lid hitting the meat on shelf of the Yoder.

Ernie Mast says:

Nice pit! FYI, the Yoder is 10 gauge on the body/lid and 14 gauge on the hopper. What gauge is the hopper on the P & S?

jack fat says:

I did purchase the Pitts and Spitts. Works great; cooked St Louis ribs on Monday that were awesome and will be doing a 6# ribeye roast with reverse sear on it today. I especially like the roll top lid and it’s ease of opening and balance. No smoke leakage at all and the grill just looks great with the stainless and it’s easy to keep clean. It’s my first pellet smoker so I have no reference to others but I have no complaints.

Eric Harrison says:

How often would you say it smokes like that? Like a few minutes on and then a few minutes off or does it smoke well pretty much throughout the entire cook? Also, what kind of smoke do you get at temps around 225-250? To be honest I was looking at the Yoder and the new timberline Traeger and never even thought of pitts and spittle but I’m so glad I came across this video! If it smokes like that regularly, that’s the smoker I’m buying.

Rus ridge says:

Nice grill. For that kind of money I might go for Fast Eddy or other commercial unit. Had Yoder 640. Awful temp control. Have BlazN Gridiron for several yrs now. Been outstanding. It really doesn’t make that much difference as to what you’re cooking on as to who is doing the cooking. A good pitmaster will produce good results on damn near anything. Enjoy reviews.

jason wingler says:

Yoder is heavier than the Pits. The 1250 weighs about 250 to 260 according to the manufacturer and the Yoder 640 weighs 335 so around #70 heavier for the yoder, not to mention the 1250 is even a little bigger and still weighs less. Both good smokers but for me the 640 is how I will go. Good review.

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