What is the Best Pellet Cooker Made?

Let’s talk about what would make The Best Pellet Cooker / Smoker Ever
In this video I talk about different types off pellet cookers, different options and materials that make up the Best Pellet Grill Money can Buy. I also talk about the cost of different pellet cookers.


BBQ Crasher says:

Wow loved this topic. Im actually working on making a video on what pellet grill to purchase. You touched on almost every topic and your a great communicator. Do you mind if I mention your video and display a referral link?

Brandon Stabler says:

I’ve owned my RecTec RT680 since Feb and the only complaint I have about it is, there’s no easy way to change from one type (flavor) pellet to another. Other than that I love it. They are very affordable and has THE BEST customer service you can ask for.

Jack Dixon says:

Been following since the job loss, car sales days, love your stuff, definitely not generic bbq! I got a grand, what pellet smoker do I buy brother?!

pitbull004 says:

I have a Camp Chef SmokePro LUX but want to step up to a Pitts and Spitts Maverick 1250. Kind of spendy though but built like a tank.

Erik Mestjian says:

Great video! I’m currently using a Traeger Pro 22 and I’ve been looking to upgrade. I’ve always been intrigued by the Yoder, but I’ve never had a chance to use one. I’ve had my eye on the Yoder YS640 and the Traeger Timberline. Money aside, which one would you consider to be of better quality/reliability?

David Pancerz says:

Hi Joe, great video. Most informative, thanks for your insights. After months of research I went with a Rec Tec as it was the hands down better value and clearly the best bang for the buck. My first choice was the same Yoder YS640 as yours but after adding in all the options I wanted (bright orange competition cart, larger wheels, temperature probe ports, second inside shelf, additional thermometer, stainless steel front & side shelves AND a hefty charge for shipping) it was nearly double what I paid for my RT 680. The Rec Tec is also very substantial and the PID controller means the temp never varies (assume the Yoder also has a PID computer?). Additionally, the wait time on this custom YS640 was unacceptable so I went with the Rec Tec and haven’t regretted my decision for one minute. You also have to factor in the superb customer service from Rec Tec. To be fair, I have needed to replace a few parts over the years as I use the grill quite a bit. Everything was replaced for free with expedited shipping. This is a superb video for a newbie wanting to purchase a pellet smoker/grill. Nicely done!

Mike Mosley says:

Great job Joe !!

John Knapp says:

Informative video Joe I’m curios have you ever tried kamato joe and what are your sentiments on it.

lonestargrillz says:

Great insight for anybody looking into buying a pellet cooker.

Jeremy T 1982 says:

Great information Joe thanks for sharing!

MrAirtaz says:

In the GMG Daniel Boone range, noone should buy anything else. My dream though would be Yoder 640 or Memphis.

Kyle Harding says:

Good video. What brand of pellets do you prefer?

Michael Cooney says:

Great video from Melbourne Australia

Larry DeSha says:

Y’all should check out Grilla Grills. I bought their Silverbac model and it is impressive. Built like a tank and affordable.

Joey Bones BBQ says:

Hi Joe, I just got the Yoder YS640 a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it. The only thing I’m on the fence about is the light smoke flavor. Any thoughts on how to enhance it to make it a little more pronounced but not overpowering. Thanks!

Two Cookin and Two Lookin says:

Great video, Joe. I was torn between the YS640 and the new rec tec RT700, and due to most of the features you described went with the RT700 in March ‘18. It has the stainless barrel body, has a rear hopper the length of the cooker which stays warm during the cook and I think that may help keep the pellets dry in humid climate. The display is LCD easy to read and the WiFi option with the app is awesome. Cooking grates, heat deflector, and firepot all stainless. I opted for the competition cart with bigger wheels for easier rolling but I also like the bigger wheel options out there. Now how does it hold up against other smokers cookwise? I cooked 14 racks of babybacks on it for Memorial Day (check out my channel to see) and it didn’t even struggle. I’d like to think that I paid extra for some really good customer service, warranty, and parts availability which is hard to find in today’s market. Had I not had the freedom to buy what I wanted, I think I could have more than made due with a Camp Chef or any smaller smoker knowing that not having a PID controller that holds with 5 degrees or less would be almost like cooking on real wood having similar temp fluctuation. My REC TEC doesn’t have a pellet dump but I’d like to have a pellet dump and not use it than to not have
one at all. I don’t see myself leaving pellets in mine unused long enough to be an issue but I’m still blending pellet brands to get that just right mix and dumping occasionally would be a big help. Joe, keep up the good work. Your videos provide plenty of information and ideas to keep the grill hot!

LeevMyNameOut says:

Rec Tec is having a good sell right now. Sounds like a good option.

Hand That Controls Strings says:

Love my yoder

Tremayne Myles says:

Love your videos. Thanks for all the knowledge you give to us newbies. Can you tell me what’s the name of the thing you use to store your pellets? I saw it on another video but can’t find it now. Thanks.

Joseph Mattero Jr. says:

Joe, this video is awesome. I really wish you had a Memphis Elite right next to your YS640 to compare. Maybe another time.

Keep posting, your grill and cooking videos are the best!

Thanks Again, Joe Mattero
Worcester, Massachusetts

Randy Hartmann says:

Joe, your YS640 will go as low as 150 degrees.

R Scott Pierce says:

Not knocking pellet grill users. But if you are gonna bbq why would you want to set it and forget it. Any grill or smoker you gotta plug in. Is just not bbqing.

Randy Kuleszasr says:

charcoal, is my preferance

Fit-Life says:

I like my rec tec with the direct pellets being fed at a closer distance from the back instead of from the side.

Jace Mills says:

Good video Joe.

CWO4D says:

I enjoyed your video….very informative….

Frank Lopez says:

Check out the Pitts and Spitts. Quality cooker.

Don Altemus says:

Great video. Lots of experience talking here!

Mark Mulder says:

How’s it going Joe I was wondering what’s a good blackened seasoning

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